Nike Air Max Plus 97 Black White – NEW RELEASE

This has undoubtedly been the year of the Nike Air Max 97. Making its original incarnation 20 years ago, Nike released new colorways this year to mark this anniversary. Sneaker-heads will undoubtedly be aware of the latest hot collectors item from Nike, which is the Nike Air Max Plus 97. Some of the cynics out there including myself thought this re-branding to be the idea of a collector but it is an official release from Nike.

Nike Air Max Plus 97 Release Date

The Nike Air Max Plus 97 is going to drop on the 21st of November 2017, which is a few days shy of ‘Black Friday.’ We should all be excited as it is a landmark moment from Nike.  This is the first of its kind to showcase such a unique fusion of two iconic silhouettes.

What silhouettes make up the Nike Air Max Plus 97?

The Nike Air Max Plus .. What we call TN’s in the UK

The Nike Air Max 97

Fusion for the Nike Air Max Plus 97

Take your pick as to which Nike Air Max Plus 97  you will cop.  You can have the Air Max 97 upper with the sole of the Air Max Plus or the upper of the Air Max Plus with the sole of the Air Max 97.

The two sole-swapped models will debut this fall in all black uppers with tonal reflective accents and contrasting white midsoles. Amalgamating silhouettes sounds like such a simple idea but it has never been done before. Here at Imperious Entertainment we always stay ahead of the curve!

Talk that Talk

Nike Air Max Plus 97 is the ultimate 90’s homage. The upper is entirely true to the AM97 range with the wavy construct that has enjoyed a major revival in 2017.

Mean! The Premium Black White Sneaker in 2017

The AM97 uppers in the Nike Air Max Plus 97

The combination of leather and synthetic mesh provides optimum durability against the winter element without sacrificing a premium finish. I am also a fan of the deep shade of black even featuring to the laces and the mini-swoosh.

If you are not convinced with the sole swap then you can cop the Nike Air Max Plus upper paired with a Nike Air Max 97 midsole. This is about y’all. Let us know which hybrid you are feeling the most in the comment section below.

The Nike Air Max Plus upper in the Nike Air Max Plus 97

More shots please…

Live what I spit

Rams sporting the Nike Air Max ’97 Ultra ’17’s

“My art imitates life and not the other way, watch”

Authenticity is the core of my art so best believe Rams has a pair of the ’97 Ultra ’17’s which took the sneaker circuit by storm this year. Back in my teenage years I used to proudly own a variety of these Nike Air Max sneakers – as did most other cats from the neighbourhood.

Now, I am not encouraging you to turn to crime in order to fund a sneaker as this is not a priority in the grand scheme of life. However, if you are 29 years of age and cannot afford the Nike Air Max Plus 97 then you may need to rethink what job it is you do. Some of you need a clear direction in life but this is a post just to feed my children.

If Bella Hadid catches me in the Nike Air Max 97 Plus .. homeboy may be getting more than a smash .. I may get the keys to the condo!

Price range wise, I imagine it will be in the £140+ range as the Ultra ’17’s cost £140 off gates.

Be on the lookout for the Nike Air Max 97 Plus on the official website and get your dough nice for November 21st 2017.

Rams 97







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