Not3s Aladdin REVIEW

Hackney, East London has a new melodic rapper called Not3s (pronounced Notes). This don came out with his song Aladdin. According to Not3s (and Google) he wrote his first song in Year 3/4, which is 8 years old in the UK. The official video to Aladdin dropped on June 4th 2017 and it has a cool 4 Milly views.

Comparisons have been made with fellow East Londoner, J Hus due to the Afro-swing genre. This style is a mish-mash of Afro Beats, UK Rap and Dancehall music. Of course for more melodic bangers check out the review to J Hus Did You See

Who is Not3s?

Not3s is a don of Nigerian descent who has tapped into the lane that is winning right now. When asked about writing his first song at 8 years old Not3s said:

‘It was a singing song about the children of Africa starving “we are the children of Naija, and it is food why we’re fighting” these are the only lines I remember’

Rams KOL is good in any hood world-wide

This picture is for motivational purposes only –

From the streets of Africa to the corporation in the UK (and beyond!!!)

Aladdin Audio

Official video

Not3s is flexing on them in tropical paradise in the Aladdin video. He is attesting that he is the main man, which is cocky. Not3s is enjoying his “vaycay” with his boys as they are escaping the madness back in home shores to soak up the rays and that.

All sorts of unorthodox dance moves in Aladdin

Disney bars yeah?

Mandem will love Aladdin as a Disney film is the hook. Not3s is harmonising that he is a fly boy, which is a feeling that the audience want to recite.

I am so fly, like Aladdin
I steer the ship, I’m the captain
And niggas they’re talking, they’re chatting
But they cannot play with the captain, no

Man like Aladdin stayed fly on that magic carpet


Baddest kid up in this ting
I don’t know why they can’t see
Did this ting up with my guys
I don’t need new yutes round me
And I’m the golden child in this ting
When you’re talkin’ bout Hackney
Told them yutes that Imma
How could they ever doubt me?

Aladdin sees Not3s breaking down the mentality.  The self-belief can never be doubted as he reckons himself to be the golden child of his London borough. Rams reckons himself as the King of London so there’s no lack of ambition there.



Not3s ran this hoe on Aladdin. I am not mad that he put on for UK music with this melodic banger. I can relate to songs with great sense of self-belief as I am not lacking that attribute in life.

Ask that nigga there *points to Jeks* (and vice-versa)




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