Panty Dropper – Dave East Perfect (ft. Chris Brown) REVIEW

This one is for the bitches. Dave East teamed up with Chris Brown for his latest release entitled Perfect. This sounds like the girl “reccid” (record) that Def Jam wanted from the EP, Paranoia. However, East has gone on record to say that Perfect is still his own unique twist on a girl song.  Attempts to do this manifests in this song as opposed to a super commercial and corny song.

Perfect was released on July 28th 2017 by way of Vevo but the official music video dropped on September 27th 2017. East and Brown have collaborated for the first time on this RnB track. The chorus is raunchy but entrancing. There is no longer a veil of mystique in RnB or the guise of ‘making love.’ But that’s cool.

Perfect Official Audio

Official Video

The light-skin heartthrobs of RnB and Rap are in one song so I can imagine the girls will be turning up in the comment section. East has a solid delivery and a good voice (PAUSE) when it comes to spraying bars. However, one questions whether that New York flow he subscribes to can garner commercial success.

Looking at people who are still active,  if you take Jay out of it, who else has a New York flow? Even in the case of Jay, he’s that good so it doesn’t matter!

Remy does but as she is a female, I feel like she gets a pass. My point is I hope that East finds a lane that will make him ‘go outta here’ as he has the talent.

Perfect Lyrics

Oh, we ain’t friends no more? (Why?)
Why you won’t listen no more? (Listen)
Damn, I let a good girl go
Away, away, away, (away)
I’ve been, all around the world
And I’ve been lookin’ for you, searching (I’ve been lookin’)
You deserve it ’cause you’re perfect

The post-chorus is delivered by Brown and East, making reference to a missed opportunity. Speculation will be rife as to the identity of this female but respectfully, who cares? Being described as perfect is a wild adjective to label anybody with. Sometimes, I think I am but I still have a lot more boxes to tick before that stage.



It’s a good song and has potential so it was a good chess move from East’s camp. You are always one big decision away from a totally different life and this is the case for Breezy. Had that unfortunate domestic violence incident not occurred he may have gone down history as the natural successor to Michael Jackson.

Salute to all my women, y’all are Perfect

Rams East

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