Famed OVO Ghostwriter and low-key hit maker PartyNextDoor dropped his Colors 2 EP on June 2nd 2017. Originally, the EP was 4 tracks long but Party added an intro song on his Soundcloud. Fans are hyped on the project (perhaps none so more than Joe Budden, rapper and chief cultural critic).  Colors 2 is the first project since P3 last year, and serves as the sequel to Party’s 2014 EP PNDColours.

Freak In You is the second song off the EP and speaks to a girl’s ‘inner freak’ in the bedroom. OVO main producer and engineer Noah “40” Shebeib produced this banger. Of course, we credit 40 for Drake’s distinct sound so his resume is immense.

Sexually charged bars, which interpolates the classic Jodeci Freek’n You. Freak In You boasts smooth vocals and a mellow instrumental. Persian rugs may be the setting to blow your girl’s socks off to this, respectfully.

Panties are sliding off in Freak In You

Freak In You audio

Young Thug?

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room and what has been getting the blogs rattling. Did Party ‘bite’ (steal) Young Thug’s style in Freak In You? You would be lying yourself if you claimed you could not hear the striking Thug sounding melodies in this. When Party raps it often breaks into similar sounding melodies like in Freak In You.

Drake is confirmed to be executive producer in Young Thug’s upcoming debut album entitled Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girls (E.B.B.T.). Perhaps Party was in the studio with the pair penning hits for Drake (pardon me ‘collaborating’) the sound came about.

Young Thug’s new album


Because there’s a room full of beautiful women but I want one
Room full of women and they notice me
Now all they wanna listen to is Jodeci
(All I care about is)
Freak in you (All I care about is)
Freak in you (freak in you)
Is there a freak in you? (Freak in you)



Freak In You was hot and so was the Colors 2 EP. Party has not disappointed with this sexually charged offering and keeps the momentum building with his own star power.



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