Playboi Carti (ft A$AP Rocky) New Choppa REVIEW – A$AP Bodied It

Playboi Carti is back with a succint but hot song featuring his homie, A$AP Rocky. The new tune is entitled New Choppa and you can imagine there is a lot of firearms in the video. Carti represents Atlanta, the city which controls the current sound of Hip Hop. Carti and Rocky are definitely leaders of the new school. They are amongst a peer group including Lil Uzi Vert, who is another hair-dreaded dude. Rappers styles are definitely not echoing the 90’s with skin fades – as times have changed people!

From Left: Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, A$AP Rocky

New Choppa Official Audio and Video

We have seen Carti exhibiting his propensity for guns before New Choppa. In his biggest smash to date, we saw Carti acting out his wildest fantasies. Dude was recklessly discharging a firearm in the streets of New York in the video to Magnolia

Of course, New Choppa is not the first collaboration between Rocky and Carti. They have worked on London Town and Telephone Calls beforehand.

In the video Carti and Rocky are both strumming their choppas like air guitars and discharging large shells on targets. They are joined by a lot of hotties with ass to heat up the shooting range.

These chicks are firing more targets than a lot of dudes when it comes to women

Call up 1-555-New Choppa to step your bars up!


New Choppa may encourage recreational drug use.. we don’t!

Joint production on New Choppa from both artists and another dude called Ricci Riera.

Rocky’s contribution lends the tune more towards the darker trap sound than Carti’s upbeat bubbly style. However, that god-damn money counter is heard in the back. This is seemingly a signature move for young Carti.


A$AP did his thing on this. Shout out to Carti and his mumble rap verse but for the hip hop scholars, they will appreciate a more audible verse:

I roll up an L in the lobby
My partner’s got wops and it’s probably a Glock or a Tommy
From H to the E double hockey sticks
Keep a chopper chop you if you try me bitch
Let’s see who next on my homi’ list
Carti like, “Rocky you bodied this”, that’s my prerogative
Shit on them, that’s on my potty list
Accused of being boujee by a snobby bitch
Cops want to ID us, hope they as fast as my Adidas
She say I’m special, that’s obvious
Rich ’cause my ideas run up the racks, for the most part
“I rap,” when they ask what my hobby is



New Choppa set a nice turn up vibe although the song is short. Carti and Rocky represent the New School of rap. Some old niggas may be upset but Hip Hop is a young man’s game.

On another note shout out to Lil Uzi Vert selling over 120,000 copies in his first week.

Yuh Yuh

RAM$ Rocky


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