Song of the year? Playboy Carti Magnolia OFFICIAL VIDEO

2017 XXL Freshman Artist, Playboy Carti is in the news. Carti has released the official video to his smash Magnolia, which is not sweet at all. The Atlanta rapper references Magnolia, which is a well known housing unit that several rappers have come from in New Orleans. Magnolia was first previewed at SXSW 2017 when producer Southside asked the crowd if they wanted to hear some new Carti. Man like Pi’erre Bourne is the producer responsible for Magnolia and his tag-line is heard at the start of the song

Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here?


Famous Milly Rock dance popularised by 2 Milly in 2015

It would not be Hip Hop without the drug references so the Milly Rock that is hid in Carti’s sock is not a popular dance. He is of course alluding to narcotics.

Magnolia Official Video

Carti is seen touching the fans and hanging out in New York City in his Magnolia video. He is definitely not scared to come outside unlike other “out of towners” in the rap game. All the standout bars from Magnolia are on display in the video. Carti is stashing crack rocks, there is a shooting scene and he is stuntin’ on hoes.

Playboy Carti proceeds to get a trim and when exiting the barbershop someone tries to rob him for his duffel bag. It doesn’t go down like that as he spins away and discharges some shots (likely to be bullets as opposed to rocks) from his hammer. After laying down the 187 Carti jumps in the limo and changes garms (clothes). I can tell Playboy Carti was definitely watching too much Paid In Full!

Lyrics Magnolia

All these hoes want cash, all these hoes want bags
Fucking on yo’ bitch, uh, I’m her dad


Social media informed me that a lot of girls comment “Daddy” in the comment section. This phrase is of course for dudes they are sexually feeling, which opens itself up for psycho-analysis (but not on this platform).

Bitches, on me, say she like my clothing
I’m in London, Young Carti global


Seemingly, Carti is going global as he is in London, England. Carti has come a long way from his roots back home in Georgia. Chicks are admiring his clothing – just as they will/are with the Imperious Entertainment merchandise.

Rams Carti

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