Do you prefer hanging with the lads?

Which gender I prefer to spend my recreational time with has always intrigued me. Besides the simple fact that my sexual proclivity is most definitely heterosexual, I have always placed women on a higher pedestal in all aspects of life. If you know my social, you may say this is because of the female influence within my house-hold but I think this is far too simplistic a conclusion. Women enhance my life in all aspects. There is no “clash of testosterone”, whereby dudes feel as if one may be ‘sonning’ them if you give them advice. Despite the modern day light-skin poet, Chris Brown, in my experience these women are loyal, by way of hanging out with dudes.

I am mad social but looking at my social media scrap-book you rarely find myself in a picture with a lot of dudes. The days of playing Playstation, going to Trocadero to smoke “hookah” and jamming with white guys with skin fades are over. Well, the last example was a fabrication. I have never actively done that but the humour just perpetuates the point further. At the age of 28, which I am very proud of, I have no time to spend my time with dudes, purely for the fact they are dudes. Playing ping-pong in someones kitchen, going to major markets to play Crazy Golf and chatting shit in a male only whatsapp group is dire in my mind.

Entertaining rhetoric


Dame Dash – a mogul who never shirks an opinion

Damon Dash, formerly of Rocafella Records is a dude who has strong opinions and an equally harsh delivery. Dash has implied that preferring to spend time with men over women brings into question your sexual orientation. Hilarious. He breaks down the science why he prefers to spend time with women as opposed to men. Now, the biology behind it is cave-man-esque as he feels it owes largely to the fact that men have balls and women have ovaries. Another Dame school of thought, which is a wilder rhetoric is biblical, but regardless in a convoluted way I feel that he has a point.

You’ve seen men violate God, so men gonna violate everybody. Here’s a question that I have..

How comes there was no women at the last supper? I’m asking you…

Bottom line is that’s why he got violated, you don’t have any women round watching your back you getting violated

 His rhetoric continues…

I think women are always more loyal,

They rock with you. They’re happy. They love when you win when they’re on your side. If they’re not mad at you there’s nothing—You notice I usually have female energy around me. You know what I’m saying? Men are insecure

Too many bitches, respectfully?

 I am not recanting any of my earlier statements but I must impress upon the reader that I am not dying my hair purple, getting lip shots and comparing who has the most poppin blouse. I am very comfortable with my shit. It’s still on sight for a woman that I am interested in as opposed to simp tactics about remaining in the friend-zone long enough to get an email to carve a lane into a group of women. That’s a shot. If a hottie is in my vicinity then that is like showing your neck to dracula.


Me doing a Jaden Smith? Not my Mum though … I’m just letting man know that!

Final thoughts…

It is not a misogynistic thing.

I prefer the energy of a woman not just when it’s time to get my bars off behind closed doors. My personality and aura simply draws me to women easier than men. At work, it works a treat for me as the work-force is predominantly women. I feel as if I benefit more from socialising with a bunch of women as opposed to a bunch of men. What say you?

I am a self assured man and I am far from a beta male. My masculinity has never been questioned hence why I can post a topic like this and still get love from dudes.

Ping Pong with the fellas or dinner with the chicks?

Your choice.



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