President Trump? Brexit? Do you really care about politics?

This year has been MONUMENTAL in world politics, from Brexit to the President Trump whirlwind. Just like anus’s, everyone has an opinion. Unfortunately this is true most of the time but right now politics is cool so the amount of uninformed opinions has reached record highs. Let’s explore this further!

President Trump is a big deal – we should all have an opinion right?

I like to think of myself as a low key intellectual but what happened to knowing what you’re talking about? We can all make a comment about how Trump ran a campaign based on hatred, anti-immigrant and racist rhetoric; and most of us are upset that this was the rocket that propelled this guy with zero political experience into the most powerful man in the world. But just stating that the American voters are just racist is a waste of breath. Politics is more intricate than that just like everything else in life. But the intricacies of politics are boring to the general masses so they get glossed over.  Let me break it down with an example.

A wife comes back home early from work and sees her husband with only his socks on ‘fornicating’ with the 21 year old Estonian nanny. She’s talking dirty in a foreign language, he’s really going for it, and naturally the wife is outraged. So after some grovelling from hubby, she takes him back. Now the simple conclusions you can take from this is that he’s a dirty cheat and she’s a pushover. What if I ADD some backdrop to the marital mayhem. She works 12 hour shifts, repeatedly emotionally abuses old dude and hasn’t given up the coochie for 3 and a half years. Add a sprinkle of daddy issues and now who’s the victim? This is a long winded way to say that before you have a passionate opinion, do some reading! .. Ignorant opinions are entertaining on the other hand.

Barber shop talk and President Trump

Last week when I was getting a ‘Trimothy”, the discussion moved to how we need to overt tensions with Russia, because ‘those Russians do not play any games’. One dude began telling us how one of his co-workers had recently moved to England for work to save enough money to hire a hitman back in his native Russia. The story was that his brother was killed by a notorious thug type and that he needed to have enough funds for a professional hitman in order for the hit to not stem back to him. Barber shop talk is usually good but I wasn’t ready for this blockbuster right here. This provided the backdrop to his argument that world peace was very necessary. I LOVED IT. But I would advise against him ever trying to be a panellist on Question Time.

His arguments would probably flop on Question Time
His arguments would probably flop on Question Time

“Stop worshipping celebrities so much”

I couldn’t make this point any better than Dave Chappelle did back in the days after the September 11th bombings. One thing that irks me is when people place any level of significance to comments celebrities make. I recently watched a compilation of Hip Hop artists reacting to the reality of President Trump. These artists in the vast majority have lyrical content based on having relations with floozies whilst on tour, mixing cough syrup and sprite, and serving heroin addicts. I’m not against this content by any means, but that should definitely not mix with anything logical or serious in real life. Mr Chappelle says it best in the clip above. “Where is JA?”


The song above is from the new Gucci Mane and Future mixtape. I can’t lie, it is in regular rotation on my IPhone right now!

Final thoughts?

Politics is the cool thing to talk about right now but once the fever dies down, people will lose interest again sadly. We are in a generation where it seems okay to waffle and get away with fabrication. If you wanna talk about politics and you’re from the UK, you should be able to name the last 4 prime ministers before you can name the last 4 US presidents (answers at the end if you don’t know). If you’re a self proclaimed mack and you wanna tell me about the pool party you went to last week where there were only 9/10s and 10/10s in attendance, I need to see numbers, whatsapps, facebook accounts, even emails if that’s how you get down. We have to start fact checking these pump fakers!


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*Answers – Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John Major.


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