Put some RESPECT on my name

In life do you feel like you don’t receive the respect you deserve? Are you that proverbial doormat?
Maybe you need to ‘turn up’ and demand people take notice of you and stop tarnishing your name.

Birdman recently had a wonderful interview at Power 105’s ‘Breakfast Club’ morning show which lasted a snappy 2 minutes in duration.
Peep below;

People (‘THEY’) are saying that Birdman is currently holding more losses than he has face tattoos, which is saying something.
Birdman is upset that Charlamagne and company are constantly throwing shade on his name and ridiculing him, which in turn is affecting his business. Some of the shenanigans he gets trolled about, are the fact that his main artist Lil Wayne who also is his self proclaimed son (whom he kisses in the mouth) has filed a lawsuit against him claiming that he hasn’t paid him a considerable amount of money. The fact that his new group is called ‘rich gang’ and that his general gaudiness is his trademark attracted the internet trolls.

That infamous scene
That infamous scene

Another topic people like to poke fun at is an insinuation that he is in an undercover homosexual relationship with another of his artists ‘Young Thug’. Hip Hop is a circus at the best of times.
I think Birdman’s intention was to intimidate and to give off a ‘real nigga’ feel. I think those types of antics used to work in the 90’s when the street element was more prominent in hip hop. It was also a time when not everything was videographed and put on YouTube for the amusement of trigger happy teens ready to throw shade.

They share a special bond
They share a special bond

This generation also doesn’t really seem to respect previous success like times gone by.
You can be a $100 million man or have $100 in your pocket, the internet savages don’t care. Now I’m not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing, as no one should be spared from condemnation, it’s just that the way you navigate these treacherous waters needs a little bit of finesse.
What people love to do is to ridicule other people’s emotions these days. Whether you’ve just had your heart broken and you get caught in public tearing up, or if you’re super angry that someone ‘stole’ your style. Either way, you’ll just be a victim of a meme and be labelled as salty. let’s be honest, when we see someone getting emotional over something ridiculous, we all chuckle inside.
Everyone seems to be in agreement that coming in with an entourage wasn’t the right play as no one was about to catch the fade in a corporate building. He should have just gone in solo, get his grievances off his chest, and continued with a normal interview laughing and smiling. It’s like getting angry at the class clown, sometimes you just have to let humour slide.
Now, that’s not to say that if you get caught popping jokes at a road man on a side road, to expect a handshake.

What about the respect for working class crew?
Even though I’m in a corporate lane, I haven’t had the displeasure of directly working under someone who can fire me. However we all know disgruntled heads who live that office life. Our resident bodyguard, driver, and good friend ‘Jualito’ claims he has never been barked on at work previously however his bosses used to humiliate his co-workers by way of shouting and belittlement.

Felipe on the Apprentice tearing up
Felipe on the Apprentice tearing up

I asked him how he was never a victim of such aggression, and to quote “I don’t smile, I weigh 14 stones and 6 foot exact”.  Is he saying that intimidation is the key? it’s a controversial point that I will not be arguing with him about.

Maybe he is saying that some people give off a victim vibe? Do you agree?

Let us know?

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Love AND respect.



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