Quavo makes Bieber go DATWAY; All Star Celebrity Game

Quavo, one third of the hot Atlanta trio the Migos, tore it up in the All Star Celebrity game. The Versace wearing-autotune-hook King won the award of MVP with a 19 point performance. In the All Star Celebrity game between Team Clippers and Team Lakers, Quavo gave Bieber that work.

Shout out to YouTuber CliveNBA Parody for his colourful commentary on the performance! This dude gives me jokes so be sure to check his channel out.

Huncho, (one of the many aliases of Quavo) is one of those All American type dudes, who can seemingly excel in many sports. We have seen him before on his Quarterback tip, throwing the ball like Cam Newton in the regular season. Now, we have witnessed his ‘fleet of foot’ ass bamboozle his opponents on the hard court.

The All Star Celebrity Game also saw a dominant performance from Katie 2K who racked up 17 points. Both dudes and chicks were balling! But it was the hitmaker from the Migos who shone brightest Migos Get Right Witcha REVIEW

Watch us go DATWAY in 2018

Rams Huncho

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