The quest for a thespian and not a thottie

tamia Lira-11

What is a thottie? “THOT” – That Ho Over There. Thotties these days rule the world but all us guys are looking for is an exciting classy lady. You have to be disciplined when it comes to a thottie!



Tamia (L): R&B songstress  Lira Galore (R): Instagram Hoe




 Thottie vs Thespian

A thespian is an Ancient Greek word used to describe an actor or actress relating to drama and theatre.  A thottie is an urban slang used to describe sexually loose females relating to promiscuity.  A thottie or thot deserve no special mention so the desired thespian will take centre stage.

“God damn, backyard is banging like a Benzi” – Dennis Coles aka Ghostface Killah

I know the mandem are thinking that when it comes to Lira but if you take the “thirst trap” glasses off I’ll begin to do the science behind why a Tamia should always be sought after.

Many years ago Jeks said perhaps the only woman able to contain the 99/100 player stats of himself and Rams would be a thespian.  Does this mean we should reach the west end theatrical scene or the BBC Proms?

No. Nothing is ever so literal when it comes to the genetic make-up of the talent, speed of thought and tongue in cheek comments Imperious Entertainment offer women.

Hey, I need a tiger and this is how my proposal deserves to be depicted.


Below is what they teach us is the template for a proposal.

sunset proposal


Respectfully who cares!!

Below are five qualities that define a thespian in my mind

  1. Stand-alone established artist

We live in a new age so take this analogy.  Similarly a major record label nowadays does not have the resources of yesteryear to build up an unknown artist from the ground up. You need to have your clout game up on social media before they will invest in you.

  1. Go against the grain

Irrespective of whatever hustle you choose to earn an income do not conform to normal social constructs.  I am not interested in your corporate sponsors when it comes to the spontaneous actions required to maintain interest.  If you want to show Rams a wild time for no apparent reason and it’s not your birthday then do you boo.

  1. Mystique

Maintain a respectable level of mystique throughout relations.  There is no point of deploying a high pressing game in the first 30 minutes and then running out of legs for the remaining minutes of a football match. Attempt to preserve the barrier although sooner rather than later the dam will be lifted and the flow will be visualised.

  1. Convictions

Be strong in your convictions and commit to your thoughts.  If you think Rams ego needs to be curtailed attempt to do this.  “More is lost through indecision than by wrong decision.”

  1. Share the vision

Jeks and Rams were born creatives.

Rigidity in thought and hesitance to branch out of a conventional pathway cannot ever be co-signed as an appropriate way to live life.  The multitude of thought and preparation in where we see the brand Imperious Entertainment is out of this world. As it should.  Sharing this vision with us lets us know where you’re at in life.



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