Relationship Goals – #RelationshipGoals

We are the social media generation regardless of whether you actively embrace it or not. I suspect it is the former as nobody wants to feel like they are not at the pulse of what is new and fresh. Who wants to be the stereotypical 90s New York rapper who hates on the mumble rappers of today?  Trending hashtags, topics and media deliver what is poppin’ in pop culture in a digestible sound-bite form. Relationship Goals – #RelationshipGoals is one such social media tool. Simps (soft dudes) and thotties (scantily clad women) often turn up in the comment section of these celebrities social media platforms with Relationship Goals – #RelationshipGoals.

It baffles me as a rapper piping out an Instagram model is not going to transmit to you yourself getting that ass

How does Kylie and Tyga’s Relationship Goals – #RelationshipGoals make you feel?

Perhaps, this is too cynical an outlook on things. The romanticist in me finds it heart-warming to see cute images whether that is a puppy, baby pictures of myself or a YouTube clip of a interracial couple “breaking boundaries” in 2017. After all by definition the last point is Relationship Goals – #RelationshipGoals alie? However, from a male perspective, I cringe when I see dudes act like a male extra in Alice in Wonderland, meaning like bitches. Recently, I was perusing one thotties IG live and a dude with a full beard commented “Kiss Me.” After I laughed incessantly, the disgust set in. Someone should have reported him to the IG police for an inappropriate comment just to get his ass out of here.

If you think I’m going in, ladies how would you react if a dude approached you in real life and said kiss me?

 Kiss me! Dudes out here brushing their tongues!

Relationship Goals – #RelationshipGoals

This topic owes much to the argument that we place too much importance on other people’s lives than our own. Check out this earlier post by Jeks. Beyonce Pregnancy Number 2 – Do You Care? Not me though. The next man, especially a celebrity is not at the centre of my universe despite us participating in the world of media. Are you the main character in the movie on your life? This might sound selfish but these celebrities Relationship Goals – #RelationshipGoals are not going to deliver a wife and kids to me or increase the size of my wallet. They have worked for their money so I am trying my hand to work for mines, as I should.

 Take Home message for dudes…

I am not against relationships.

I am willing to embrace one full on as I understand that a relationship is a series of emotions. All I am trying to do is forewarn you of the pitfalls of your actions on social media. Rappers such as Meek Mill put his girlfriend Nicki Minaj on such a high pedestal. He used his girl as an excuse in all his shortcomings, notably the L he took to Drake in their rap back and forth. Words to the effect of “How can I be losing? I have one of the baddest chicks in the game” He looks all types of crazy when their Relationship Goals – #RelationshipGoals falls apart! He was not bound to this woman by name by way of marriage. No condition is permanent especially when the woman is not your spouse.

Some of you do not know how to move around women. It is that simple. You think women are living in this pink fluffy bubble 24/7 but they will be critiquing your soft CV. A woman wants a man, not a boy. Getting gassed (carried away) simply because you have female company is a novice outlook on life. Treat your lady with respect, affection and all words that fall under the same positive umbrella. But if you have no edge to your character, you will be getting your ass trolled in 2017, make no mistake about it!

Ri Ri makes hot reccids. You might have to adjust your concept of Relationship Goals – #RelationshipGoals or get served like this…

But baby, don’t get it twisted
You was just another nigga on the hit list
Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bitch
Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?
Fuck ya white horse and ya carriage
Bet you never could imagine
Never told you you could have it

Much love and respect to all

Relationship Rams on the check in!

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