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Top 8 Greatest 90s R&B songs #5 Mark Morrison Return Of The Mack – Jeks vs Rams Series

Mark Morrison Return Of The Mack - Jeks vs Rams series #5

We are going to continue this series STRONG with Mark Morrison’s legendary song Return Of the Mack. Rams showcased the female struggle of dealing with a trifling man on The Boy Is Mine but lets not go on like innocent respectable gentlemen around the globe are not dealing with love torment! And Mark Morrison displays a great amount of ‘bounce-back-ability’ on Return Of The Mack. Take notes!

#5 Mark Morrison Return Of The Mack Video

Return of the Mack was written and recorded by the British artist Mark Morrison. It was initially released in UK in March of ’96 and topped the UK Singles Chart soon after. It also reached No. 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in the summer of 1997 for one week and went platinum. Return of the Mack sampled Genius of Love by Tom Tom Club which is a sound you are probably familiar with as it was also sampled on Fantasy by Mariah Carey.

Return Of The Mack Breakdown

The song chronicles the singers change from being a dedicated boyfriend to a return to his prior shenanigans by way of being a stone cold ‘Gyallist’ or Player. Based on the hook he really caught a love jones with the female he is targeting these lyrics at and became a ‘nice guy’ reminiscent of when Danny from the movie Grease turned up to the school fair in that SOFT lettermen cardigan.
John Travolta in Lettermen Sweater From Grease
John Travolta in the Lettermen Sweater From Grease
The relationship was definitely tumultuous with the singer seeming to have received the short end of the stick.
Return Of The Mack is the verbiage he uses to describe the hardening of his heart after trying to do the right thing with a female, but after that bump in the road, he’s excited to be back in cruise control running through ladies. Stressing on a female is a thing of the past.

Mark Morrison Return Of The Mack Rap Up

This record is one of the greatest comeback songs and also was a song that broke away from the 90s R&B norm where the content was based on love bars or jilted females. Mark Morrison was the bad boy of R&B which was fly. Rams, what sound are you gonna choose next? A Ballad to balance out this scorn? I can’t wait.

Jeks Morrison


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