Is Romelu Lukaku the best striker in the Premier League?

Romelu Lukaku Manchester United -

With Romelu Lukaku’s imminent transfer to Manchester United for a huge transfer fee of £75 million, will he blossom under the huge Old Trafford spotlights? We will assess his potential impact by comparing his most notable statistics compared to the Premier League’s golden boot Harry Kane, and Manchester United’s previous main man up top, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Romelu Lukaku Manchester United.

Romelu Lukaku Manchester United – Watch all his Goals from 2016/17 season

 Goal Stats

Romelu Lukaku – 37 games – 25 goals – 1 penalty – 3 shots per game – Conversion rate 22.7%
Harry Kane – 30 games – 29 goals – 5 penalties – 3.7 shots per game – Conversion rate  26.3%
Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 28 games – 17 goals  -2 penalties – 4.1 shots per game – Conversion rate 17.8%

Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane definitely were the stand out centre forwards in the Premier League last season with Harry Kane scoring an insane amount of goals in the last 2 weeks to secure the Golden Boot. Lukaku and Kane both shot exactly 110 shots this season. Kane took 5 penalties whilst Lukaku only took one as Leighton Baines usually steps up to the spot for Everton. If you factor away the 4 extra penalties that Kane took over Lukaku, their conversion rate was nearly identical.  Harry Kane played 7 less games this season but also took 0.7 more shots per game than Lukaku. Tottenham were one of the standout teams offensively this season especially with chances created so one can speculate that the quality of chances Harry Kane had were better than Lukaku’s. Harry Kane missed 11 big chances compared to the 8 big chances Lukaku failed to convert.

Both players are natural goalscorers however the variety of Lukaku’s goals is wonderful.

Goals With Header6
Goals With Right Foot7
Goals With Left Foot12

Zlatan Ibrahimovic had more shots per game than Lukaku, and had poorer accuracy and coversion rate, so at least on paper, Lukaku should hope to score a significant amount of goals more than Zlatan in the coming season.

Passing Stats

Romelu Lukaku – 37 games – 6 assists – 1.3 key passes per game – 65.5% pass success percentage – 3.7 aerial duels won per game
Harry Kane – 30 games – 7 assists – 1.4 key passes per game – 71.1% pass success percentage – 1.5 aerial duels won per game
Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 28 games – 5 assists – 1.7 key passes per game – 73.6% pass success percentage –  2.8 aerial duels won per game

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has the most impressive passing statisitics of the three strikers with the highest pass success percentage and also the higher frequency of key passes. Romelu Lukaku’s use of the ball will likely have to improve at Manchester United due to the style of play they incorporate. It should be noted though that both Manchester United and Tottenham played a more dominant, high possession style of play in the previous season. Lukaku more than doubled Kane’s 1.5 aerial duels won per game highlighting his aerial prowess and strength. Again, you have to factor in that Spurs play a more possession based build up game. But no one will argue that Lukaku is more than a handful in the air.

Romelu Lukaku Manchester United
Romelu Lukaku – Everton vs Leicester

Romelu Lukaku Manchester United.. Will he be a success?

Romelu Lukaku will have to adapt to life at Manchester United. He will be demanded to be more economic with the football and also contribute to build up play more than he was at Everton. However, based on the chances he will get in front of a world class midfield, even if he has an average season by his own standards, he may score 30 goals next season. Of course this is dependant on United playing good attacking football. Lukaku has been craving for the chance to be the main man at a top club and I can’t see him squandering his opportunity.


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