Could Ronaldinho have humbled others like he did English teams?

Ronaldinho - Barcelone /FC Seville- Liga - 11.12.2005 - Foot Football - Hauteur attitude pose portrait joie ballon d or dor

The 2002 World Cup Winner, 2005 Ballon D’Or winner, 2006 Champions League winner and two times Fifa World Player of the Year had quite the illustrious career.

Born Ronaldinho de Assis Moreira also known as Ronaldinho Gaucho or simply Ronaldinho was a Brazilian football superstar.  The unique style of play, filled to the tee with skill, the never ending swivelling of the hips and that constant smile set him apart from the rest.  “Ronaldeen” as he is fondly remembered by Imperious Ent seemed to humble anything affiliated with our shores.

In my own humble opinion this country is not a nation of winners despite our blind optimism prior to every football tournament that we are amongst the favourites.  Sadly, winning a World Cup on home soil does not give stripes.  That was the Jules Rimet trophy.  That trophy hasn’t been relevant since the 70’s when it got replaced by the current joint.  We are a nation of near misses and tragic L’s in tournament football.


Sorry lads. Euro 96. Another penalty shoot-out heartbreak for England

Here’s a look at three key moments when Ronaldinho ‘lit up the ting’ against English opposition.

 1.Tommy toe-poke against Chelsea

2. Catching Seaman cold against England

3. Reminding us fairy-tales seldom exist against Portsmouth 

Sometimes you just have to adhere to Andy Gray’s saying and “Take a bow son… I MEAN THAT.”

The man was an unconventional street footballer who managed to convert his raw talent into the professional game. One day some will do well to do a blog on us in a similar vein and how we seemingly humbled the UK music scene.  Instead of these clips will be excerpts from the podcast but its all the same shit.

I leave you all with this image

Alegria de Ronaldinho durante el partido



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