Sabrina Claudio Frozen REVIEW; Best Love Song!

Sabrina Claudio is a 21 year old half Cubano half Puerto Rican singer. Shorty hails from Miami, Florida but she migrated to LA to pursue her musical dreams. At the tail end of 2016, she released her debut Extended Play entitled Confidently Lost. Sabrina has dropped Frozen, which is an effortlessly chilled love song. Frozen is baby-making music and at the very least knocking boots at a slower tempo to the ‘turn up’ tunes.

Claudio is on Tour in the US between 19th October and 29th November 2017.  For our Stateside family go and check her ass out. The premise of Frozen is that when Sabrina is feeling a dude’s campaign time is immaterial. Love is one hell of a drug!

Frozen Official Audio

YouTube Official Audio to Frozen

Frozen is an ultra laid-back groove that would not be out of place in a romance flick. You can really get lost in the moment with this one. If you are a shorty trying to engulf a dude with love this song may clinch it.

Published on 5th October 2017 so far this joint has amassed 75,000 views, correct at the time of press. Sabrina’s vocals are silky and as a result she is on my musical radar.

Lyrics to Frozen 

The flowers will be blooming
The leaves will be turning
And snow will be falling
While we’re making love
And the sun will be shining
The flowers still are blooming
Then leaves will turn again

Shorty is really painting a vivid picture as to how the seasons will be transitioning but the love will remain. She is selling dreams by way of romance and I love it.



I mess with this tune as it captures emotions in a cinematic way.

Maybe I am in love myself as I spray this review. *Drumroll please*

Go check out more from this promising artist!

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