Is Santan Dave the hottest UK artist? Revenge Review

Man like Santan Dave! The buzz surrounding the UK urban scene is at an all time high (allegedly). And one of the main artists leading the charge is Streatham, South London’s very own, Santan Dave. I first heard of Santan Dave on the catchy (but limited) song ‘Thiago Silva’ alongside AJ Tracey. He recenlty has had massive exposure from being on Drake’s project ‘More Life’.  He’s been releasing high quality music  and does not drop off with his new song ‘Revenge’.

Dave – ‘Revenge’ video

Santan Dave Music Video for Revenge is here
Where is Santan Dave from?
Streatham, South london, UK. Santan Dave is only 19 years of age!
Fraser T Smith
Video Director
Dir. LX
Illustrations by Tyler Remike

The Breakdown

The production is supplied by Fraser T Smith who he also worked with on other tracks from his ‘Six Paths’ EP. The beat is high tempo and heavily laced with synths influenced from what sounds like a Super Mario theme tune. The video sticks with the theme and also includes some generic inspirational scenes of young athletes doing their thing.
On first listen, you notice a lack of a traditional chorus as it seems that Dave has gone for that ’96 bars of revenge’ type of reccid. Is that linked to the title? Maybe. Shout out to Chip.
Chip with some ‘bars’
Dave doesn’t take such an aggressive rout however he focuses on his ascent in the scene and his hunger to keep it going. He makes up with the lack of a hook by a bag of bars.
I’ll go to war over a rack (Iraq) like Tony Blair
I liked the bars he was spraying about how he wasn’t getting love from his boys in his HEWD before he was getting love from American stars. If you know about trying to come up and feeling taken aback by a lack of support from your alleged peoples, then you can relate. Santan Dave seems to have some pent up frustration from his time growing up and now he’s looking for Revenge by doing a TING globally. He’s trying to go DIAMOND like DMX.
If you’re head of office isn’t on the other line with Di Maria’s wages, then I wouldn’t even bother trying
He is even taking it out on females.
We just spank groupie chicks and give them red bottoms like I bought the girls Louis Vuittons
Santan Dave is definitely aiming for all his doubters on thos one.
Success is sweet, but revenge is ours

Rating – 6/10 – solid but low replay value

This feels like a statement RECCID from Santan Dave. He is an artist you feel that has a lot to say and get off his chest which he achieves. He had a whole load of great lines in this however there was a lack of story structure to really captivate me especially with no hook. The wordplay was good, but it didn’t create a ‘moment’.  It felt like freestyle bars. For the tender age of 19 years old, Santan Dave is a great artist, but being a higher echelon MC requires more than good wordplay. The tune needs to feel like a mini movie. For that reason, I’ma give this a 6/10.
If you agreed or disagreed, let me know in the comments!

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