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Let us get straight into the ‘fuckery.’ Currently, in the UK it is undoubtedly summer-time. Summer 16. Since returning to my blessed hometown of London, I have seen many a faux-pas by way of season appropriate attire. I could give “two shits” how dudes put themselves together, respectfully, but I am perturbed whenever I see the fairer sex take fashion L’s. Living in Zone 2 it reinforces the ever-lasting term “dichotomy” that we operate within. You have some sassy looking honeys who are dressed appropriate to the climate with elegant dresses but you also have some honeys who all year round rock blue jeans, huaraches and a sober coloured hooded top.

Once again, let me clear up this statement as I do not want to alienate our female fan base. I am not saying you should be scantily clad looking like a video hoe in Ja Rule’s “Holla Holla.” I respect a modest approach but come on, when did blue jeans, huaraches and a dark top become the female uniform?

miley shorts

It don’t have to be batty riders like say every day is Carnival – unless you want to ..

Miley aint even got ASS like that !

vogue summer

At 27 years of age I wanna see more “elegance” on the roads

I like this .. A LOT !

When I was 16 I linked my girl for the first time in cinema and she rocked jeans and some nike creps. That was the last time she rocked sneakers round meI had to “dun the dance” by way of her fashion statement when it came to her first impression. She was a spicy ting and she was not maximizing her beauty to my liking. We soon moved better as a unit! 

Do you feel women are a reflection of men? If you do, then it can work vice-versa. If your a young, high flying woman with an impeccable dress-sense and you link your man after work and he is rocking a grey track-suit, how does that sit with you?

Perhaps at a younger age I could understand the appeal with the “Hood Rider” (if its even called that) look but I was not with it. Rock some yoga pants instead of the jeans to indicate that you are coming back from gym and not Topshop in Oxford Street.

But Rams you’re from the streets..

Yeah, I am. But in my humble opinion I do not want my girl to match my height of sports-wear unless she’s a fitness instructor by trade. I believe the current trend of sports-wear for chicks in the ends actually does many girls a disservice. You have to be EXCEPTIONALE in the face to pull it off and it not to look contrived.

adidas girl

Yeaaa .. Is this the “urban look” that you are trying to achieve?

.. She’s a model !

Closing thoughts…

I have given too much to this culture for the ladies within the culture to let me down by way of fashion. This is not a black or white thing. This is a mentality thing.

I look back at some throw-back pictures of myself at 18 and think what was I smoking? It seems as if a lot of chicks still ask themselves these questions presently.

What it boils down to is my own attitude. I feel like I am upper echelon when it comes to myself as a potential suitor for a woman. This is not about any “perceived corporate status” – it is just the truth. Every year, I peel back another layer of panache and I keep the culture pushing. I will afford my woman the biggest platform by way of affection and attention so more days than not you need to look like this…

remy ma lhhny

Remy Ma now

remy ma before

Remy Ma before

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