New Music Spotlight – Shakka – Don’t Bother Me

Shakka Don’t Bother Me has a certain type of feel that isn’t heard often from the UK scene. Shakka frequently outputs high quality unique music which has gained him a lot of love in the industry and public. We put a spotlight on his new tune ‘Don’t Bother Me’ which should be a big party RECCID.

Shakka Don’t Bother Me – Listen Here

                Peep the video for Shakka Don’t Bother Me here

If you are not familiar with Shakka, He is a music artist/producer hailing from West London. He is a guy who is quite hard to box into a certain genre as he has been moulded by a plethora of music influences from Hip Hop and Grime, to his native Caribbean music, to Electronic. It kind of sums up the mixing pot that is growing up in London. You may have heard some other tunes including Walking With Elephants, Say Nada and Blackout,

Shakka Don’t Bother Me is an uptempo bass heavy tune with a hypnotic bass/hook combo and flow. Shakka is outlining his desire for people to leave him alone.. that’s my kind of reccid.  He just wants to get it popping with some curvaceous female he meets in what sounds like a rave scene, and jam with his boys. I guess when you’re a music artist, you get a lot of people who just want to be around.. we simply call them “Begs” or “Barnacles”. Personally I don’t give people enough life to even get a foot in the door if I smell a rat, but hey, this is not about me (allegedly).

This song deserves to be in rotation HEAVY as nothing of this calibre is coming out of England, especially from one guy.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and enjoy the song.


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