Shakka – Heart The Weekend (Official Video) review

Shakka - Heart The Weekend (Official Video) review -

Shakka is back with another phenomenal song called Heart The Weekend. Shakka has a track history of outputting wide ranging sounds by way of his music,  and with this single, he’s dabbling in the weekend turn up lane. Is this a biased review? You’re damn right.. I got whatever on the boy! Peep the official video to Heart The Weekend below.

Shakka – Heart The Weekend (Official Video)

Heart The Weekend is a pretty self explanatory title with the song a celebration of the splendours of the weekend turn up; a fly ‘chick’ on your arm who is ethnically miscellaneous, somewhere foreign, and champers.. if you’ve got it like that. Shakka produces the whole reccid from the ground up and the production is definitely influenced by that Lil Uzi Vert style of euphoric rich elements. He didn’t go ham on the hi hats which middle England will probably appreciate.
Flow wise, Shakka keeps in a trendy contemporary style, and it sits lovely in the song. This simplified flow is too easy for Shakka so he bodies it, however there is definitely a skill to saying some simple sounding lines, and creating sing-alongs from that. Certain artists in the UK do not understand how to adapt for the sake of the song. You man need to take a music class or something.
In terms of the message, Shakka is embracing the happiness and freedom of the weekend, so he’s gonna come out with the cockiness of a West London yute because life is too short to be nervous. He’s trying to live in the moment and that. However, he’s not moving like a younger; the P’s are not a myth.
My 9 to 5 looking like a hobby
I’m living life like a Marvel movie
Stabilise, say hi to my pony
Eyes open wide when she ride my pony
Why you surprised when I buy you Bubbly (CHAMPAGNE!)
Who told you I ain’t got no money
Who told I can’t handle my drink
YUH YUH! I’m not gonna rate this tune just in case someone tries to call Shakka an industry plant in the future. However, here at Imperious Entertainment, we won’t expose you if you want to slip us a cheque for placements. It will all be alleged! But real talk, this song is fire and will be sure to be one the hottest songs of the year coming out of the UK. Make sure to support artists you like.
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