Should we respect guy code?

Guy code is an ancient non-documented set of rules made for guys to respect each other and simultaneously stay out of each others business. Women have a similar set of rules but of course these rules are subject to interpretation in SOME cases. My question is do you think the world would be better if guys respected the code, or does it just make it easier for ‘dogs to do dirt’?

Recently, a rookie basketball player by the name of D’Angelo Russell violated guy code and was chastised by the general public. Check the vid;


The video above was released to the public by an unknown alien force according to D’Angelo. In the video, Russell is seen talking to fellow LA Lakers teammate ‘Swaggy P’ (Nick Young). He goes on to say that he’s been cheating on fiancé Iggy Azalia (the white girl who’s killing Hip Hop allegedly) with barely legal teenage girls. This, no doubt, must have put Mr Swaggy in hot water. They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so I hope Nick approached Iggy wearing full protective gear.

You can argue whether Nick was aware he was getting filmed. You can also debate whether D’Angelo intended for this video to leak. But the facts are that Nick Young’s private endeavours and shenanigans were made public due to his teammate.

The guy code in this case that was violated was that you aren’t to disclose anything discussed in a private setting ESPECIALLY when it’s about women. If you are asked, just plead the fifth and keep it moving.
Unsurprisingly the streams of support did not come in from many men and also the females were critical of his actions; apart from one lady of course.

In professional sports, there is also another set of constructs called ‘locker room etiquette’. These mirror the guy code regulations and are imperative to good team chemistry. Some of the rules include paying your gambling debts on time, not messing around with previous players ex girlfriends and other ignorant shit.

Now that Russell has violated this also, some people are suggesting that this may be a career ending debacle.
Just to play devils advocate, you can claim that Nick was committing all types of adultery and disrespect and that it was good for him to be exposed. I do find it interesting that Russell is the one who has received 99% of the flack.

Let’s get deeper

If I may just touch on another example, a certain Mack who is implicated in our brand (allegedly) had an interesting guy code related scenario. Let’s just go ahead and call this Mack ‘Jualito’. One of Jualito’s boys was previously in a relationship with a very ‘desirable’ looking female. After a period of time, Jualito enquired about whether he could explore his interest in this young lady. He explicitly got the green light to go ahead and he ultimately blew this shorty’s socks off. It came to light later down the line that Jualito’s friend was upset about Jualito’s actions in regards to his proclivities with his ex. My question is whether this is guy code violation? My personal opinion is that the friend was given opportunity to express his emotions but male pride got the best of him. I mean I used to think women were the difficult gender.

everyone has emotions.. which we should respect
everyone has emotions.. which we should respect

In my opinion, it’s hard to respect a guy who violates the simple set of standards we expect between one another. This could be due to a guy being a big rat (snitch) or a guy who hangs out with his girlfriend 24/7 but tries to to go on like they are still knocking down ladies left, right and centre. Just put your hands up and admit that you’re a big softie. I didn’t really touch on money, but you already know that my African background provides me with rife examples of damaged friendships due to something owed. Sometimes an apology isn’t enough to repair a situation if the respect and trust is gone so it’s a good idea to stay away from such violations. And on that note, Jeks, your resident life coach, is signing out.

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