Iconic Link Up? Sneakbo ft Giggs Active DISCUSSION

South London’s most notorious and played out beef seems to have officially been put to bed – musically. Brixton vs Peckham or South-West vs South-East was an Active ‘postcode beef’ (territorial war) that destroyed a lot of people’s lives. My name is Rams, not DJ Akademiks so I am not going to use our platform to provide satire on some “War In Chiraq” shit. This is not nWo Black and White versus nWo Wolfpack!


A lot of guys are doing ‘birdies for life’ in the penitentiary or are six feet under for that street shit!

Sneakbo from A-Town in Brixton has linked up with the UK’s number 1 rapper, Peckham’s Giggs. The tune is entitled Active and it is a high energy cut, which will get a lot of people “gassed up” (excited).

Active definitely does not follow the current UK wave.  There is no melody nor is it rooted in some type of African origin. It is just straight hard bars, which is a deliberate tool it would seem to provide that street anthem vibe.

Active Official Video

What do you think of Active? Are you turning up to this on the weekend?

Let us know where this tune ranks in your playlist!


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