Stormzy Sweet Like Chocolate in the Live Lounge; REVIEW

Stormzy hails from Croydon, which may or may not be in Surrey or London. His debut album, Gang Signs and Prayer was very necessary for the UK music scene. As one of the front-runners, Stormzy has been taking large strides in putting the UK on the international map. One of the trending topics was his appearance on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. On the show he dropped Sweet Like Chocolate. Stormzy Sweet Like Chocolate was Big Mike’s own rendition of Shanks and Big Foot’s classic.

UK Garage heads will remember the smooth tune, which dropped in the year 2000. Stormzy Sweet Like Chocolate heightens nostalgia for the golden days. The big beautiful woman in the back did her thing vocally.

You’re gassing me now!

Stormzy Sweet Like Chocolate ‘Live Lounge’

Stormzy Sweet Like Chocolate is a performance that details Stormzy’s transition from nothing to something.  His moniker for the ladies is “Stiff Chocolate” so I guess this was the motivation to remix this classic.

Of course, the trolls are out on the YouTube comments with the comments likening him in appearance to Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku. For the real Romelu, check out his sensational stats here

On the Live Lounge, Stormzy also performed Blinded By Your Grace, which is very positive. Personally, I do not pray to Elijah so I dig the sentiment but it does not connect to me spiritually. Shout out to Stormzy though, for catering for the people-dem!



The lyrics on Stormzy Sweet Like Chocolate is the only variable to critique on a classic. It’s cool but that may owe to the singer who I feel is very talented.

People’s synapses always get fired by classics making a comeback like Drake remixing Kyla’s Do You Mind on One Dance. I think Stormzy is a talented spitter and I wish him the best in his bright future.


aka Milk Chocolate



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