Summer Shellers – P. Montana (ft. Paigey Cakey) Loving REVIEW – Rah Boy Vol. 1

DJ P. Montana has dropped his compilation album entitled Rah Boy Vol. 1. I won’t lie, I didn’t know of this gentleman’s work but the internet is a beautiful place. There are 13 tracks on the project but the one that stood out the most was Loving. This features silky smooth vocals from an East London female artist called Paigey Cakey.

P. Montana is capitalising on the current wave of UK music by showcasing various artists. Loving is a song regarding a female pouring out her emotions. The song Loving interpolates Ri Ri’s super smash If It’s Loving That You Want. Badgal Ri Ri is heralded like an OG in the UK! Ask Yxng Bane Rihanna REVIEW

Who is Paigey Cakey?

Paigey Cakey with them ’05 baby hair squiggles…

Yeah she’s light-skin!

Paigey Cakey real name Paige Meade is a 24 year old singer, MC and actress from Hackney, East London. She has appeared on TV series Waterloo Road and her third mixtape The Right Paige featured ‘bare man’ (a lot of guys). The list includes Yungen, Young Spray, Sneakbo, Stormzy and Chip.

Loving Official Audio

The riffs on Loving have got Rams in his feelings so shout out to Ms Cakey. Shorty wants an alpha male to take the lead and to continue rocking her world. In return she claims she’s a rider, which is the simple equation to which I thought relationships were based on. In reality, I have come across a lot of dudes who play the ‘passenger role’ in a relationship so shit is not adding up.

If your girl is not wanting more of you when she is not around you then you need to step your bars up!

Man in the ends would love a Paigey Cakey…

She’s Pretty, from London, Urban and Probably has better bars than bare man!

Loving Rating

7/10. A strong 7 from me.

I have been listening to Loving on the drive from London to Cardiff and had me singing along, ALLEGEDLY. The wave is being surfed in the UK and the emphasis has to always be on quality of song.

Nobody cares about how many grams you’ve slung and how many dons you’ve pitched – unless it has a unique melody.

Salute to Apple Music for putting me on to Loving and two artists I didn’t know existed before!

Rams Cakey

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