The Wall of Comedy – Asking Awkward Questions in Shoreditch

Posted Leave a commentPosted in All, London, Philosophy Sometimes, I just be on YouTube watching random shit and this entry is celebrating that past-time. Young Filly is a joker and the host of “Asking Awkward Questions” on The Wall of Comedy. What I love about these clips are the way people deal with being put on the spot. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and […]


Top 8 Greatest 90s R&B songs #4 Brandy & Monica The Boy Is Mine– Jeks vs Rams Series

Posted Leave a commentPosted in All, Music, Top Lists Okay! Jeks switched up the tempo with the timeless RnB beauty by the name of Aaliyah. Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number has the vocal performance to make a white suited Rams write a 4 page letter for my lady (allegedly). You can check out more of baby-girl, Aaliyah, in a run-down of the Top 5 Sexiest […]

Hip Hop’s Top 5 Clowns of 2016

Posted Leave a commentPosted in All, Music, Top Lists Hip Hop is the universal sound of the culture. It has indoctrinated and inspired millions. Hip Hop subconsciously affects how we think, speak, dress and move in life. For a cheque, I can write the manual on it, although I re-iterate the cheque will have to be lovely. For those Hip Hop purists, you may […]