Temptresses; Can you take it there?

Although it is a fairly “mild” December, it is a month in which festive jumpers and woolen wear take prominence in our day to day look. It’s cold outside and when that is the case people are looking for “mates” to engage in sexual proclivities with – or am I wrong? Cuffin season. 20 toes. Whatever, you want to allude to as the analogy for warming up in winter.

Disclaimer: Imperious Entertainment is a family show. The following entry has been designed for the sole purpose to entertain. For those who are easily offended the option to click off the page exists.


  1. a woman who tempts someone to do something, typically a sexually attractive woman who sets out to allure or seduce someone


The most obvious setting to come across a temptress is the work setting. Of course, nobody wants to be involved in an office scandal. However, there are some savages who don’t care as long as it does not affect their cheque.

Professionalism must be maintained at all times but if the rules are not broken where is the crime?

In turn it is likely that a temptress is an older attractive women. This is a demographic that most men fantasise about but not many can achieve. Through life experiences older women are a good guage of the sexual prowess of the younger male. Even in a corporate setting, if you have it, my question is…

If the office vixen’s interest is blooming, would you wilt like a flower?

Karren Brady is a powerful corporate player, how is this not sexy?

Would you fluff your pitch standing in front of her?

Johnny’s office relations

Life is imperfect and with that said, double standards exist everywhere. Women can get away with a lot. My man, Jualito, who is in charge of Imperious Entertainment’s street team, recently divulged a story regarding one of his corporate colleagues, Johnny, who is the target of an older supervisor. He told me that this supervisor has singled out his colleague as a guy who has a strong sexual magnetic force despite the bland corporate attire. The euphemisms that are dropped on a day to day basis are profound and people have picked up on her cues. This is a family show, but I would urge parents to put their children to sleep now…

Johnny would you like a slice of cake?

No thanks, it’s too early for that!

It’s never too early to put something in your mouth!!


Are you not ready for that grease? Holding your head like Spike Dudley…

Or are you built for that verbiage and would pop an eyebrow like The Rock?

The above story reminds me of LL Cool J in his prime and his countless sexually charged bars relating to proclivities with women. The music video that I immediately cited was “Imagine That”, where the opening verse sees LL roll up to his “crush’s” office and proceed to seek out his love interest. The manner in which LL did this was extremely alpha male. Certainly, from that remark alone, the Supervisor probably did a secret victory dance when Johnny left the office. Her monologue may have been like the hook on “Imagine That.”

[LeShaun](LL Cool J)
I’ma get you for your paper
Make you leave you girl
(Imagine that)
Make you trick on me around the world
(Imagine that)
Have you calling me your ultimate thrill
(Imagine that)
I got you whipped tell your niggas to chill

Final thoughts

If you market yourself as a single man who has the capability to be a cassanova then if you come across a temptress then surely, it would be in keeping with your ethos to crack on. Declining the opportunity, is a “hesi-move” and you know how we feel about those Are you hesitant in life? Do you need to pull a finger out? “hesi moves”

I am not trying to be the dude with the pitchfork on your shoulder encouraging you to do anything you are not comfortable with. Johnny can either politely decline and continue going about his work related tasks or he can take up the sultry supervisor on her advances. If he does, then he may turn up to work with this mentality…

I come up to your job and handcuff your boss
Throw that nigga in the closet and turn the lights off
Then sit you up on the copy machine
Make copies of your kitten with my chin in between

This is a family show but sometimes you have to take it there!

Peace and love


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