The limitations in measuring intelligence

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”

George S. Patton.

Does this mean a good degree of intelligence in thought is a skill-set that is reserved to a number of us?

One can analyse quotes such as the one above and similar quotes relating to intelligence in a plethora of ways.  My interpretation pertaining to said quote is intelligence in thought is being able to distinguish yourself from the baseline intelligence of everybody else.  Indeed, I did not have to employ the words I used to define the quote.

Disclaimer: Apologies for the crude language in the following quote but these thoughts are not my own.  They belong to Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent in the song Many Men.

50 cent many men intelligence

For the hoodlums that may be reading this and come to the conclusion that I am “a snitch/rat/informant” by saying it belongs to 50 Cent, I urge you to stop trapping out the bandwidth and put the computer mouse on safety.

Below are the two most common scenarios how intelligence is measured and how their limitations exist.

1. Academia


Some people rightly or wrongly believe that a pre-fix or suffix qualifies as being an intelligent member of society.  However, I see this as one aspect of the spectrum of intelligence, the capacity to learn.

My man 50 Cent feels that academia is to have the mental acumen to “retain information long enough to pass mid-terms.”  Most degrees are not synoptic until final year so most of the time you learn for the sake of the module and then discard the information in order to retain new information for the next module.  Your environment can pre-dispose you to choose the academic route.

Am I opposed to academia?


Between Imperious Ent there are scrolls of paper.  We can take it there with letters but respectfully who cares, right?

2. By others


Who is keeping count on the scoreboard?

The subjective assessment by others cannot surely be valid.   We at Imperious Ent are not passively journeying through  life with our eyes shut and ears covered so general knowledge is always actively acquired.  However, I for one could not recount all the events in Bismarckian Germany so if somebody posed questions on this topic I would struggle. However, I did study it for History A-Level (ALLEGEDLY).  By answering questions on a Mastermind in a given category I see it as intelligence owing to the capacity for memory.


slang ldn

Cue the lovers of the London sub-culture called slang using the above words in a cringe-worthy way.

Imperious Ent are multi-linguals.  We are able to speak internationally recognised languages as well as adapt our accents to whoever is placed in front of us.  The London accent and slang is reserved to any sensible recipient of this sub-culture.  The BBC accent Rams can put on is for the purpose of refining the talent.  The generic southern England accent is another go-to as an easier method to convey expression.  To possess all of this is a skill set and owes to the capacity for communication.

lateral thinking

Take Homes

It is not simply easy to draw a conclusion that because you cannot understand something for whatever your reason is that means it does not fit in with your definition of intelligence.

Intelligence can be measured in a number of ways: capacity for communication, learning, understanding, emotional knowledge, memory, creativity…. (You get my point)

The slang that you hear on the pod might fly over your heads but it is absorbed by a significant bracket of people in London.  If you read this and think I am intelligent thanks.  If you read this and think I am not intelligent I also thank you for your opinion.

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking”



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