The new English rose? Anne-Marie Heavy REVIEW

Essex’s very own Anne-Marie is a 26 year old who has attained five charting singles on the UK singles chart. Shorty has now dropped new song Heavy, which was released 22nd September 2017. Heavy is the third single off her upcoming debut studio album, which is slated for release late 2017.

Heavy Production

Heavy is definitely a Pop song but it also has this tropical influenced instrumental. Incidentally, this is found in much of Anne-Marie’s recent work. Production wise, the credits go to a whole host of people including The Invisible Men, Nana Rogues, MNEK, Jonathon White and Team Salut.

Official Lyrics Video Anne-Marie Heavy

Anne-Marie Heavy Official Audio

Anne-Marie used to appear in west-end musical plays when she was on the come up. She has transitioned into this bright Pop sensation who based on views alone has garnered a following. Heavy was not an epic song though so let me not front like it was. However, the hook was catchy as fuck, which is why I kept replaying it.


When did it get so heavy?
This love that’s in between us
It never used to feel this
Feels so heavy (heavy)
Can’t get up off the ground (up off the ground)
It’s weighing us down

Shorty is asking all the right questions in Heavy as the relationship it seems is a ‘dead ting’ now. You cannot reheat cold French fries so when the relationship starts to feel like a chore it is best to make an executive decision and cut. A lot of people are scared to do that as they do not want to be perceived as the ‘bad guy.’ However, from the experience of these ‘good guys’ around me their former flames have left them feeling heavy when they called time on the relationship. Shit has not been the same since for these individuals.

I’m the King of London so nothing should be weighing me down in life apart from the crown



Heavy is a good cut with a nice pop and tropical hybrid vibe. No doubt this will generate millions of views but that aside this is not an epic moment. Shorty has better songs than this so the next ‘reccid’ may be more fire than this.

Salute to this young Essex star doing her God-damn thing!

Rams KOL


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