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Introducing “The Primacy Podcast” – Episode 1; Genesis

So Jeks and Rams, I’ve heard there’s a new addition to the brand and that? The Primacy Podcast is here!


What makes us special?

We provide our take on the culture with a dichotomy of speech and style.  We transcend the culture through two mediums – the sophistication and the streets.

The nature of being a UK duo is another unique selling point.

We hail from West and South London but we are not trying to keep it regional. London is our heart and it will be heartwarming to go “National Standard.” In the long run as one of our lifelong friends advised, we will “make it a global ting fam”.

Imperious Ent was created to provide our own unique insight and perspective on all aspects of the culture.

“We are the culture” – TAG LINE

Why the name Primacy?

Ladies and gentlemen do your googles.

Primacy = fact of being pre-eminent or most important. 

What can we expect from The Primacy Podcast?

One hour of pure entertainment.

Hard-hitting topics, references from the culture but most of all updates of our movement.

What is Episode 1 about?


Our origins

Stand-out lines from our biographies – “the BOYs”

Dealing with nerves – not falling victim to “hesi moves”

Is Kanye West the greatest?

Our favourite posts so far – Jeks take on Rams; Rams take on Jeks

Hip Hop; Jeks vs Rams Top 8 most POWERFUL radio freestyles – our most powerful

The role of ladies in the radio game

Team UK segment

“Jeks asks Questions” segment – Jeks asks the co-commentators of the culture a HOT question

The philosophy behind living in London

“Empathetic Rams Segment” – Rams takes the opportunity to clear up some of his earlier comments

Social Media Plugs – How you can reach us

The YouTube Playlist – songs that summarise the episode

The End


Rams and Jeks


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