The Wall of Comedy – Asking Awkward Questions in Shoreditch

Sometimes, I just be on YouTube watching random shit and this entry is celebrating that past-time. Young Filly is a joker and the host of “Asking Awkward Questions” on The Wall of Comedy. What I love about these clips are the way people deal with being put on the spot. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and people always offer ideal answers given the time to rehearse an answer. But when the cameras roll some sink and some swim.

Young Filly (Left) is the host of Asking Awkward Questions

As long as it’s entertaining the watching audience are happy. The Wall of Comedy is a platform for shenanigans from Londoners who are set up to embarrass themselves. We have slick mouths so with a microphone in hand and a camera roll we may be Asking Awkward Questions.

Shoreditch – Asking Awkward Questions

This particular edition of Asking Awkward Questions dropped today July 26th 2017. Young Filly is seen in the Shoreditch area of East London asking the public a diverse array of trivia with his own unique twist. Some may be lost in the slang but it is pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. With the geezers that cockney accent came out and with the ethnics the slang from ends (the neighbourhood) was prevalent.

What type of person are you on the spot?

The “shook head” (stutterer)

I was definitely laughing out loud when Young Filly asked a dude an elementary question –  What is your name? This had young Samir so flummoxed he struggled to say his own government name.

Oh my god! I can’t even say my name .. S’meer

Ready to shut you down

Some people react real slick when the cameras are rolling (and indeed in life when approached). The perception is that in London a lot of girls are ready to shut your whole campaign down when approached. This is disheartening for most men but in life it points towards the fact that they just ain’t feeling you.

Young Filly: Yo come a bit closer, I don’t smell you know?

Lollipop chick: Hmmm debatable

Bants King or Queen

Asking Awkward Questions can be dissected with humour and this is a safe space to be in. If you sense you are going to be embarrassed then go straight for the punchline. It’s better to be laughed at for not trying than for trying.

Young Filly: What is owned by you but used more by other people?

Girl: Fanny!

There are a lot more character types than this but I am not going to break the science down to the last particle. Enjoy the video – I did.





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