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Imperious Entertainment has been providing glorious insight from day one. Come and share the world with us as we expand our stage.

Rams     Jeks



Where do you come from? “I came from having nothing at all – but I had a family though.”

The road to riches for the native South Londoner Rams is akin to the North Philadelphia MC Peedi Crakk, hence the reference. The alias Rams has deep significance stemming from childhood experiences, which moulded the man in his third decade. “In 2004, I returned from the US with NFL merchandise bearing the name St. Louis Rams but that’s not where the name comes from. It’s an area of mystique similar to the origins behind Wretch 32’s name; it’s a deep ting still.” This dichotomy in speech has evolved the sound in terms of London culture and as Eliot Wilson of rap radar says “I have my finger on the pulse of the culture.”

“I linked up with Jeks in the 90’s, back when we used to like lighties”, although Rams will testify that this is still very much the case. Rams states that him and his fellow mogul Jeks had a spot in an undisclosed location in the city where they would strategise on how to win. “Lanes was our apartment 5H or 550 State Street that Diplomats and Jay Z respectively had before they became household names.” Numerous superlatives can be lobbied at Rams who takes everything in his stride as he remembers the days where he was used to not having a lot. “How do you summarise my whole movement in a biography?” asks Rams and the young man with the larger than life charisma is quite correct in his assertion.  Rams has just embarked on the start of his corporate career after undergoing an extensive training regime in South Wales where he felt as if his time had made him go “national standard!!” A quote from the big man Butch Cassidy on Spit TV for the Channel U viewers back in the day. “The corporate world probably is not aware of my London slang, so it makes for interesting audio when they hear the material but I grew up in London not Shropshire.”

“I could rhyme all night” was a quote from Notorious BIG’s last recorded freestyle before his untimely demise and that is exactly how Rams feels about this biography and indeed any creative aspect of media. Whether you know Corporate Rams or London Rams – it is just that, Rams.


When I was younger my style would wrinkle your face like linen, but in my twenties, I’m trying to give the world more ‘panache moves’.

‘Spend a day with us, you could write 40 books’ is a famous line French Montana rapped on the ‘Niggaz Wit Coke’ project. Maybe 40 books would be a stretch but you would certainly have to pen my minutes with something that bleeds silk.
My legacy started in the streets of west London. I cannot confess to knowing ‘younger or the beaver’, nor did I grow up on a cobbled cul-de-sac. But from experiencing goons who sent enough young males running home with only one sneaker on, to fly Holland Park residents who wanted to take me to the Gucci store to show me ‘the loafs’, it has all moulded me into a cultured artist.
The corporate angle requires brogues and a button up, but a Sunday may require popping white socks and slipping on Adidas flip flops.
Dame Dash recently said whilst sipping champagne at a fashion show: ‘It ain’t stress unless someone’s got a gun to your head’. Life is about making sensational blanket statements like this that are essentially true. That’s why there’s no jittery knees under the Imperious umbrella.
If I analyse myself on a Sigmund Freud wave, I was influenced early by the children’s sitcom ‘Clarissa Explains All’. Now everyday is monologue season and I’m definitely looking into the camera. But that’s enough of the psychoanalysis, I’m only trying to use the seduction theory to get to this cheque.
Speaking of cheques, the corporation required me to do stints in the midlands and the south coast. This only served to confirm that I’m ‘a star up north, I’m a star in Essex!’. That’s Ghetts the MC with a memorable line. Those experiences just showed me that the impact is ubiquitously felt. From then, I knew what Giggs’ mind frame was when he stated that half of the rave were snorting his Charlie.
The next step in the development of Jeks (and Rams) is to carve a NICH(e) via the imperious brand and keep the culture pushing. It’s not all about the cake but I do feel at home in a Benz.
Certain individuals might struggle to wax lyrical this articulately, but like Jadakiss said whilst spitting bars of terror, THATS 40!
I am Jeks.