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Top 8 Greatest 90s R&B songs #2 Mase What You Want – Jeks vs Rams Series

Salute to Jeks on the inclusion of LL Cool J in our top spot. LL has influenced my sexually charged bars for 10 plus years (allegedly). Mase aka Mason Betha is next up with What You Want. The Harlem rapper turned Pastor turned rapper featured RnB girl group sensation Total. Of course, Total were introduced in the first instalment Top 8 Greatest 90s RnB We pay homage to the sexy trio on our cover page.

As an impressionable young male the intro to What You Want gave me insight into seduction. Smooth mellow vocals and a mischievous chuckle made running game fun! (allegedly)

Mase: Where you gon be at?

Curly haired caramel shorty: I’ll be in front of the building


What You Want – Background

Mase dropped What You Want on October 28th 1997. For the music historians out there it was the second single off the debut Mase album entitled Harlem World, which blew Mase up to be a motherfucking superstar. Production credit goes to Nashiem Myrick from the super production group The Hitmen. They were an in-house group of hot producers under the Bad Boy Records umbrella responsible for some classics.

Samples were part and parcel of music back then and What You Want was no different. Curtis Mayfield’s Right On For the Darkness was the inspiration behind this track. Commercially, it peaked at 6 on Billboard Top 100 and it was certified gold. Mase was on top of the world and running rap between ’97-’99. Facts my nigga!

Who is Mase? For the kids…

After Biggie passed away Mase was THE commercial New York rapper

Mase and Puff Daddy were running rap in the late 90’s

It was good for black people  LOL

Running game vs Simpin’

Mase in What You Want was not just running game on a line-up of unsuspecting females. In fact, Mase was trying to build a ting (a female) up to assume the role as his leading lady. In the 90’s rhetoric like this stood out amongst the mysogny of the times. Although, the womanising in the beginning may get some chicks in a frenzy. It’s all entertainment. Seriously speaking What You Want saw the birth of later acts such as Drake with the simp bars that exist in music today.

Everybody love you girl, not just me
And I know that you really care a lot for me
Wanna see you happy even if it’s not with me (not with me)
Even if it’s not with me


Mase was providing his girl with all the looks for longevity on Bad Boy Records. At the same time if she messed up once again – her contribution was thanked but she was out!

Girl, I can tell you was meant for me
I can tell by the way you was sent to me
While I’m on tour trying to make them centuries
And they ask who your man, you better mention me
If you don’t you know you got a problem
Said you want no beef, girlfriend, don’t start none
And it just so happens that I’m seeing cash
Cuz you messed up a lot just trying to be fast
And I ain’t gonna ask who smashed the E-Class
Pull up to the crib with the whole front crashed
Now you wanna laugh, good thing that’s the past
If you ever lie again, girl, that’ll be your last

Who’s next?

Ahh Jeks, you put me on the spot and that. I have been messing with cinnamon way before the cinnamon challenge. The cocoa-butter community are happy with this series. Jeks what have you got for them next, fam?

Ramson Betha




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