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Top 8 Greatest 90s R&B songs #4 Brandy & Monica The Boy Is Mine– Jeks vs Rams Series

Okay! Jeks switched up the tempo with the timeless RnB beauty by the name of Aaliyah. Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number has the vocal performance to make a white suited Rams write a 4 page letter for my lady (allegedly). You can check out more of baby-girl, Aaliyah, in a run-down of the Top 5 Sexiest RnB beauties – Dreams of Loving an RnB chick

The Boy Is Mine background

#4 on the list is LEGENDARY and is a monster RnB smash which transcends into Pop. The Boy Is Mine needs no introduction but music historian Rams will drop jewels for y’all. Released May 19th 1998, The Boy Is Mine was the lead single from both Brandy’s and Monica’s second albums. The roots of The Boy Is Mine lie in arguably the greatest album of all time, Michael Jackson Thriller as an RnB response song. On the 1982 Thriller album MJ and Paul McCartney duet on the song The Girl Is Mine.

A Beatle and King Of Pop

Production The Boy Is Mine

Rodney “Darkchild” Jenkins, Dallas Austin and Brandy herself co-produced this “reccid” (record). The Boy Is Mine is a mid-tempo RnB song at 93 beats per minute. Brandy was inspired by watching Jerry Springer’s tabloid talk show often depicting love triangles.

Trifling ass niggas and their womanising ways. This reality is what made RnB in the 90’s timeless so shout out to the fellas! Of course, I am not advocating wrong-doing. Ladies I love y’all. Let’s move on.


The Boy Is Mine – War of the women

The story behind The Boy Is Mine made the visuals shot by Joseph Khan all the more believable as tension existed between Brandy and Monica in real life.

“We were young. We could barely stay in the room with each other. By no means was it jealousy or envy. She and I are polar opposites and instead of embracing that, we used our differences as reasons not to be amongst each other.” – Monica

Brandy and Monica played neighbours and challengers, fighting over the same man, only to end up as allies who amicably settle on dumping their unfaithful lover, played by Mekhi Phifer.

The Boy Is Mine

Team Brandy or Team Monica?

Braids or Weave? Yeah I took it there girls!

Reception and Acclaim

Numbers time for the numbers guy Rams…

  • The Boy Is Mine was the first song of Brandy’s and Monica’s to go Number One.
  • Best selling single of 1998 in the US with sales of 2,591,000.
  • Double Platinum
  • Grammy Award for Best RnB Performance by Duo or Group with Vocals


Classic chorus

You need to give it up
Had about enough
It’s not hard to see
The boy is mine
I’m sorry that you
Seem to be confused
He belongs to me
The boy is mine

Who is next?

#5 on our series will be amongst four of the strongest RnB cuts from the 90’s.

Yo Jeks, were you Team Brandy or Team Monica? If your answer reflects hairstyles be careful as you may have to do a French Montana to vindicate yourself!

Jeks let’s keep the culture pushing G

Rams Phifer

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