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Top 8 Greatest 90s R&B songs #6 Blackstreet No Diggity– Jeks vs Rams Series

The series is truly phenomenal and the last inclusion by Jeks was in keeping with my high praise. Mark Morrison’s Return Of The Mack showcases the mentality of a slick-talking cassanova. Of course, this is something that we know nothing about at Imperious Entertainment. Such a conveyor belt of classics leads me on to Blackstreet No Diggity. Return of the Mack celebrates the lothario lifestyle whilst No Diggity shows love to the female savages (allegedly).

I like the playettes
No diggity, no doubt
Play on playette, play on playette

Genius behind No Diggity

Teddy Riley in the 90s

Co-Producer but main driving force behind No Diggity 

Released September 30th 1996, No Diggity was a concept that Teddy Riley and fellow producer William “Skylz” Stewart musically mastered. Riley pitched it to Blackstreet (his artists) but initially none of them were really feeling it. So much so that Teddy Riley himself sang the first verse on No Diggity. Sometimes in life I feel like our artists cannot see my creative genius but it’s No Diggity to a young G like me.

Legendary LL Cool J is the source of the classic hook due to his contribution to a Blackstreet song on their debut album. Riley revisited “I Like the Way You Work It” from Blackstreet’s debut album. LL Cool J did a verse intended for that track’s remix, and came up with “no diggity, no doubt.” Check out more from LL Cool J in the series – Loungin

Official Video No Diggity

Reception and acclaim

  • No Diggity replaced Macarena’s 14 week reign at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100.
  • 1.6 million copies sold in 1996
  • 1998 Grammy Award for Best RnB performance by Duo or Group with Vocals

Yo, what about a sample?

As with a lot of 90’s RnB classics the genesis lies behind a sample and No Diggity was no different. Bill Withers Grandma’s Hands was altered to provide the musical backing track to this smash

Bill Withers sang to the soul

It was good for black people

Offering a platform

In the grand-scheme of life not just Hip Hop there is a difference in the impact people bring. Dr Dre and Queen Pen speak to my point. Dre is a legendary staple who has evolved into a multi-millionaire with music and Beats headphones. Queen Pen is a chick who can go back to her projects in Brooklyn and recall to her friends that she featured on a classic 21 years ago.

Queen Pen

The stars aligned for her to hop on No Diggity


We all know the classic hook so let us concentrate on my standout verse from No Diggity. The blueprint for a woman who is not for play at all is outlined in this verse. Shorty has class and style but at the same time her knowledge of the streets is highly respected. Being all up in her emotions is never on the cards and she does not mess with broke boys. All this leads to is her blowing dude’s mind.

She’s got class and style
Street knowledge by the pound
Baby never act wild, very low key on the profile
Catchin’ feelings is a no
Let me tell you how it goes
Herb’s the word,spin’s the verb
Lovers it curves so freak what you heard
Rollin’ with the phatness
You don’t even know what the half is
You gotta pay to play
Just for shorty, bang-bang, to look your way
I like the way you work it
Trump tight all day, every day
You’re blowing my mind, maybe in time
Baby, I can get you in my ride

Last two entries

The series is unfortunately drawing to an end but we will round it off in style as you would expect from Imperious Entertainment. Jeks who have you got next to rock?


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