UK Garage! Throwback Thursday #TBT

UK Garage – Turn Up wave

Straight shellers. UK Garage! A bit of nostalgia for you. If you’re 25 years and older and hail from a major UK city let’s not forget the up-tempo, contagious and body-shaking sounds of UK garage. At the turn of the new millennium, UK garage admittedly was tailing off and a new sound in Grime was being spawned. When I was a young “yute” (adolescent) I used to get gassed to listen to the latest DJ Ez set on radio. I cannot say I was sneaking into raves to listen to UK garage but I definitely was a fan of the movement. There were a lot of house parties (or shubz’s) in the local area where chicks were moving their assess to the beat.  UK Garage was a London thing!

Back in the day in the formative years, where I was still discovering where I wanted to potentially take the sound, I was influenced by the sound around me. UK garage was one such sound. It appeared to be the sound of London as I saw it back in the day. It was not a Top of the Pops wave really. I will detail some other items of nostalgia, mainly that centred around going to school, that were moving at the time of this UK garage wave.

UK Garage – Timeless Tunes

UK Garage – Quick Selection of tunes

Tune! How can you forget this tune! “Amira – My Desire”. For the raving crew inside. Music is meant to be catchy and UK Garage was definitely that. The up-tempo sound and a melodic singer on the instrumental just made sense. Now, tunes like this are drawn for when it comes to throwback nights. As long as the fellow rave-dwellers are not dressing like its 2004 I can dig it.

That Broken Word Melody was huge in UK Garage “My .. My .. Desiiiireee”

Banger. For the toe-rags inside, this was their anthem. “Niche” with “You’ve been cheating and telling me lies”. If you were getting it in with multiple women on some lothario tip then this tune may have been speaking to your soul. Despicable! Again the melody was undeniable and 20 years on these tunes still bang in the rave. The passion of the singing on an up-beat instrumental was a next wave as opposed to a slow tune like a ballad.

If I was a two-timer I would not mind to be shamed to this tune!

This is a straight shellers. My personal favourite of the selection I have chosen. Swedish Music Producer “Hakan Lidbo” had his tune remixed by American House and Garage producer Todd Edwards. This tune is on repeat on my phone and brings back the essence of UK garage for me.

UK Garage was the precursor towards my love of House Music

Other items of nostalgia
Old School Feel

The goons used to rock the New Era line fitted caps to school

The goons used to rock this Nike “Just Do It” backpack

Often the goonier they were,

there street alias would be written on the bag in some type of indellible pen
Shout out to you f you can confirm who this is

Every ethnic goon had a story about an urban white girl in the UK garage days

Final thoughts…

This post is for nostalgic purposes only and UK Garage was moving like that. Back in the day, the quick development characters were the goons (street guys) in school. They had the loudest mouths and the loudest personalities at the time. They were definitely an influence on a mild mannered Rams who was just humble on the roads, believe it or not. These characters used to come out with sensational stories how they would “kick ball” (play football) with the cousins of UK Garage act “So Solid Crew”. Who was I to dispute this? I was easily gassed.

The Throwback Thursday #TBT series is moving.

The bubbler Rams

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