UK tune of the year? Lotto Boyz (Ash x Lucas) No Don REVIEW

Birmingham rap duo Lotto Boyz dropped No Don earlier in 2017 and the tune has picked up a lot of traction. No Don has that radio play, which means it has wide appeal within the UK. It is mad to think that I am championing the commercial aspect of radio. I used to think that was a lame move back in the day. However, for these UK dons to win, they need to think about the stage even when they’re in the booth!

Surf the wave

No Don is that current UK wave, which is fused between Afrobeats and Caribbean Dancehall. In the tune it interpolates from another tune entitled Addison Lee by Not3s. We covered Not3s and his banger Aladdin

Lotto Boyz are putting on for their hometown of Birmingham!

No Don Official Audio and Video

Ash and Lucas are calling out chicks who did not used to bother with them before the fame. This is the common recurring theme for these urban musicians, which I understand but I cannot relate to.

Shout out to Lexi, Alisha and Paige

The fickle nature of these girls is being called out and Lotto Boyz are stunting on the competition by claiming to be making more money. The official video to No Don sees Ash and Lucas in a rooftop lounge with scantily clad bitches, expensive bottles of champagne and sporting rolexes. In fact, one of the dons proceeds to pour champagne on the Rolex. What the significance is of this I do not know. Perhaps he was trying to baptise his Rolex.

A “BanGA” (Banger!)

That Birmingham accent does make me laugh on occasion due to the cadence. Lotto Boyz say they have a BanGA (banger) in No Don and that is self evident as the tune is moving. Wavy music is not new to the city as fellow rapper Mist has been making large strides with his catalogue of BanGAs. It is a stark contrast to the day when Mist was in his jail cell smoking MamBA (mamba).

I said the roads-dem are SLIPPY and yeah I slipped up

Had me sitting in the cell with no big buds

I was blazing on MamBA and yeah its different

A crack head try throw a punch and got licked up!

Back to the fly boys

The lyrics  to No Don are simple but nobody is looking to listen to the Oxford Dictionary. The melody is catchy and the song is bubbling.

Everybody wanna swing my way (that’s gang)
‘Cos they heard I got a banger
I used to call up Lexi, Alisha and Paige
But they never used to answer (nah they never used to answer)
And now they wanna roll with a squad like mine
Oh follow nah nah nah
And now they wanna phone up my main line
Oh follow nah nah nah

[Hook: Ash]
You ain’t making money like we
No don, no don, no don, no don, no don



The wave is being surfed in No Don so shout out to Ash and Lucas. As always, you have to keep up the consistency as you are only as good as your last hit.

If Imperious Entertainment were complacent we would have bowed out the game in 2007. Each year we evolve and add another layer of panache.

Everybody will want to swing our way! They already do in our day to day.


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