Was Kanye’s fashion show bigger than the Super Bowl?

Kanye West, the self proclaimed “best to ever do music” recently sold out Madison Square Garden, New York City in a live launch of his new album T.L.O.P (The Life of Pablo). To the Netflix heads out there he is not referring to the hit series “Narcos” depicting the drug kingpin Pablo Escobar but he is referring to Pablo Picasso, the legendary “ARTISTE” Kanye certainly sees parallels and the star studded crowd came out in their droves to cheer on the most egotistical yet arguably the most artistic rapper in Hip Hop.

The SuperBowl 50 was a largely underwhelming spectacle but featured halftime performances from Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Coldplay. My question to you is was the Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show bigger than that?


Kanye declared that he was going to make the Air Yeezy sneakers more affordable for the masses. He later went on to encourage a section of the crowd to chant “Fuck Nike” due to the 38 year old’s ongoing gripe with the sportswear Giants

Disclaimer: Imperious Ent do NOT share these views regarding Nike. Nike please cut the cheque. 


Yeezy Boost by Adidas. Courtesy of

The major propaganda relating to the SuperBowl was due to race. Here at Imperious Ent we do not subscribe to “tribalism” like one of our mentors DJ Star says. We seldom discuss matters of race. We are inclusive and embrace all. The race issue was should Carolina Panthers Quarterback, Cam Newton be labelled a ‘Black Quarterback’ and will the great white hope Peyton Manning close out his career with a W (win).


I mean Lady Gaga singing the national anthem is cool. Beyoncé shaking her booty is always a great sight but both are not out and out models. Here at Imperious Ent we do promote a “sassy” approach that a young woman should adopt when floating about.


Karlie Kloss opting for the two tone green with a suggestion of grey in the pantalon region. She had the Yeezys on her feet to make the cypher complete.


Gigi Hadid looking powerful in the bomber jacket, black on black and knee high boots accentuating those long legs of hers. Incidentally her jacket is custom made with her name “Gigi” on. The neck piece is the cherry on the top. Fearless


A runway model for Yeezy Season 3 range sporting the cut off leather dress with the fur draped over her shoulders. The footwear and the fur look snug.


With the greatest respect to the SuperBowl acts I have never bought one of their individual albums. However, I do remember buying the College Dropout and Graduation for £13.99 each in HMV back in the day. Now I went off Ye as he wasn’t as gritty as other rappers I liked but with “Growth” I have learnt to appreciate just where he has taken the genre.

image Ye rocking the crowd with renditions off T.L.O.P.

Correct at time of press there is a delay on T.L.O.P as Ye tweeted out that Travis Scott is fighting for a track Waves to make the cut. One hopes it is not due to the $10 million offer Pharmaceuticals mogul Martin “On sight” Shkreli for the rights of exclusive purchase of the album.


The current climate of US society is fractured to say the least. At YS3 at least we got to see some unity. Lamar Odom was back for his first public appearance since the “drug overdose” at a Nevada brothel ALLEGEDLY!! He was spotted in good spirits with estranged wife Khloe Kardashian.


Khloe and Lamar

Now if you ask me this is a heartwarming sight as opposed to the backlash that Beyoncé got from Fox News in particular for her Black Panthers inspired performance. Rams is definitely a conscious brother. I have my Mos Def “The New Danger” album on repeat but life is about unity my G.

Closing thoughts

Life is too short. Kanye West’s fashion show captured positive ingredients and has not received the same backlash as the superbowl half time did. Unless you are just generally anti-Kardashian it was a specatacle and one that America needed.

You may not agree with me. That is perfectly reasonable. However I may respond to your questions like this…



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