Want to be 17 again? MK 17 REVIEW

More ‘Molly Music’ has arrived in the form of one of my personal favourites, MK or Marc Kinchen. This latest smash is entitled 17 and it restores the fearlessness of adolescence. 17 was released 1st September 2017 and it is picking up traction in the dance circuit. For the ravers you may need to stay hydrated when this comes on as the euphoria mixed in with other factors may get you caught up out here. For other MK bangers click here

Disclaimer: Here at Imperious Entertainment, we do not support or encourage illicit drug use!

17 Official Audio

Selected Video to 17

As I mentioned before the lyrics point to the fearlessness and loyalty that are strong in the teenage years. The female is saying she has her dudes back like they are still 17, which rubber-stamps her holding him down. I remember at 17, I misplaced holding a dude down as I thought he was a ‘real nigga.’ However, he was a better story teller than JK Rowling, which I should have guessed as he hailed from leafy Richmond.

The energy of 17 is on point with a good beat, soulful vocals and a great piano backing!

Lyrics to 17

I’m gonna fight for you, you know where I’ll be
Baby, I got your back, like we’re still seventeen
I’m gonna write for you, honey, I’m so keen
Baby, I got your back, like we’re still seventeen

Plain and simple that the love is cherished by the shorty that she is prepared to go to whatever length to protect that. That’s real! Evoking nostalgia is always a good chess move to make as we all draw on memorable blasts from the past.



Rams in the dance circuit will be turning up to 17 as it is nigh impossible to not dance to this beat. It may not be the best MK song I have ever heard but it is a solid offering from a legend in the game.

Rams Kinchen


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