Waviest Rapper Out? French Montana Jungle Rules REVIEW

French Montana, real name, Karim Karbouch has the wave. His second album entitled Jungle Rules dropped July 14th 2017 and the “Coke Boys” rapper is not playing any games. Certainly, his song Unforgettable is Montana’s biggest smash to date and my song of 2017. Check out the review to that smash by clicking the link Unforgettable REVIEW

Jungle Rules is the sophomore album for French and features 18 songs with hella features. Correct to the time of press there are three lead singles on Jungle Rules, which all include features. No Pressure featuring Future, Unforgettable featuring Swae Lee and Bring Dem Things featuring Pharell Williams.

French Montana Jungle Rules

Tracks 1-6

An emotional sounding opener to Jungle Rules featuring deceased Coke Boys rapper Chinx. Whisky Eyes sees a woman wanting to have a conversation with French who is spelling out his accomplishments. Track 2 is Unforgettable which is still the standout song of the year let alone the album. Trippin produced by Ben Billions is a song in which Montana says he is not tripping (sweating) on a bitch. Blogs have been getting gassed over who French is hitting – sexually.

French and former flame Khloe Kardashian

“I aint trippin on a bitch” … allegedly!

Harry Fraud and Masar (an audio engineer) kept Max B’s vocals for A Lie, which also features The Weeknd. This is one of my favourites on the album – straight fire! The fire continues with Jump featuring Travis Scott.

At this point, I start to think that Jungle Rules is a great French album without any standout French moments himself!

Hotel Bathroom is another smash that I love. The melodies and the vibe are particularly noteworthy and have brothers hitting all type of dabs.

Tracks 7-12

Bring Dem Things is the latest single off Jungle Rules featuring Pharrell Williams. This track has that 90s sound due to the inspiration of Organised Konfusion’s Stress. Track 8 is Bag and is a double tap beat which is strategically placed as a follow up to the previous song. Interestingly, I thought French’s bars on this were dope.

At this point, it is clear Jungle Rules is more a playlist than a structured album

Migos Montana was always going to be a shellers as it features Migos who have the wave in Hip Hop. Quavo says he made a million off a trap phone. He’s gassing but I love the ambition and braggadocios nature of the record (record).

No Pressure is another banger featuring that dude Future who is building his stardom following his biggest commercial smash Future Mask Off Music Video

Push Up continues the high energy motivation of Jungle Rules where Montana once again shouts out his slain former band-member Chinx and his incarcerated homeboy Max B. Stop It in terms of instrumental is cold (meaning it goes hard) and the “choppy” flow of Montana makes the song what it is.

Tracks 13-18

Black Out features Young Thug and there was a bit too much by way of instrumentation for me on this joint. It was not as good as I thought it could have been given the feature. She Workin features Marc Bassey and is another cut for the bitches. This is the part of the Jungle Rules where I begin to wonder what direction the joint is going.

Formula featuring Alkaline is hard. This track will be bumped in the barbershops across US, Caribbean and the UK (well London). This is the Jamaican song, which Montana ticks off the playlist nature of Jungle Rules. 


Famous is some Drake type introspective simpin’ song, which is a bit cringy to tell the truth. I cannot say I really enjoyed this song but let’s move on. Too Much is a head-banger and the drop is nasty. Montana is stuntin’ on his haters and referencing his crib in California once again.

Jungle Rules concludes with the song White Dress in which French gives us one verse as a statement in keeping with an album outro. It concludes the flashy and melodic nature of Jungle Rules.



The first 11 songs of the album are very good and with Unforgettable you begin to think you may be listening to a classic. I would not go as far as that as the album feels slightly repetitive in the second half but there are still one or two boxes Montana ticked off.

Jungle Rules is clearly Montana’s best body of work thus far in his career and I expect more progression with French in the future.

Rams Montana



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