The Weeknd Reminder REVIEW

In November 2016, XO’s front-man Abel Tesfaye, otherwise known as The Weeknd dropped his album “Starboy.” The Toronto R&B/Pop sensation never fails to deliver with his own unique style of melodic crooning, which resonates to all demographics. The song “Reminder” off ‘Starboy’ is a reminder to critics and hard-core Weeknd fans that he has not lost his urban edge, despite mainstream success with other hits like “Can’t feel my face.” We break down the Weeknd Reminder “Reccid”.

I love the melodic profanity of The Weeknd – The nastier the better!

Cameos – Weeknd Reminder

Track 4 off Starboy “Reminder” saw the highly anticipated video drop on February 16th 2017. The track was produced by Canadians Cirkut and Don McKinney as well as Chicago’s Million Dollar Mano. In just over a week there are 24 million views and counting. I suspect it will reach the 100 mill mark in the next fortnight and why not. In the video there are a gang of Weeknd’s contemporaries in the Hip Hop and RnB game. It is a throwback to when music videos would feature cameos from a lot of artists. Artists include XO affiliates, NAV, Lamar Taylor, Belly and Derek Wise. Other acts include YG, Bryson Tiller, ASAP Rocky, French Montana, YG Travis Scott and Metro Boomin. A who’s who of artists that are poppin’.

Noticeably, Drake who was rumoured to have friction in the Weeknd dispels rumours by being all up in the video, dancing!

Review – Weeknd Reminder

I love when people talk that shit in music as I have a real slick mouth. However, it only works when we know that is how you are really moving outside the recording booth. Weeknd is telling the fans that he is still that dude with the shoes and they have to respect it. He cites the fact that he has won Teen Choice awards and makes reference to his Lambo, which he displayed on his Instagram.
Stepping out the whip

Real life!

Reminder dispels the notion that you have to have blue eyed soul and that you can just be your natural self, which for him is his black hair and weed smoke. He may curse plentiful on his reccids but he is guranteed to have radio play because he knows how to make a hit. Reminder sees Weeknd brag about sexual prowess, which seems to stem from the space he is currently in.

When I travel round the globe, make a couple mill a show

And come back to my city, I fuck every girl I know

Weeknd calls out all these R&B niggas and being so lame and who can blame him. Without naming names some of these dudes are moving very “moist” (a negative adjective) when it comes to women. Catching feelings over thots who they made famous. What part of the game is that? They need to recite his bridge, which will have all the girls shaking their ass to the beat, respectfully. The melody is infectious and the singing matches the vibe of the reccid. Purposeful and hard-hitting singing from Weeknd once again.

Rating – Weeknd Reminder

I’ll give this one an 8/10. It bangs and it has been on heavy rotation on my iPhone by way of Apple Music. I love the whole “Starboy” album and I can fully appreciate why this lad is one of the brightest music acts of this generation. The Weeknd Reminder tune is “certy”.

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You know me, you know man, you know me
Every time we try to forget who I am
I’ll be right there to remind you again
You know me (pow! pow!), you know me

Love y’all


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  1. I like kya she knows tht, so she trying to give me hard time tomeet her. She once told will dance for this song in kennedys strip club.

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