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What do non-Londoners think about London?

London is the capital, one of the leading global cities and the epicentre of the culture in the UK.  I feel immensely proud to call it my hometown.  The corporation has required me to ‘fly the nest’ and leave the city for a temporary term.  Often, many non-Londoners through conversation have told me their own views on my city, which I value as life is about sharing experiences.  Jeks has already told you why London is unique in comparison to the rest of the UK.  Allow me, if you may, to discuss the five statements that non-Londoners raise with regards to London.

Disclaimer: Please do not be easily offended as this post is not designed to belittle your own ‘hood’

#1 Too many people

too many people

Oxford Circus looking ‘rammed’ – STANDARD

Numbers… (apologies to the non-statisticians)

London’s population has hit 8.6 million and is ever growing.  After doing my googles, the population density is 5,491 people squeezed in per square kilometre.

Numbers over

London was and is not designed to encourage its inhabitants to have a ‘small town feeling.’

Please study the picture taken in the heart of London’s west-end.  Having a social phobia of people and residing in London is highly discouraged.  Many non-Londoners say a great benefit of their ‘ends’ is with less people that they get to know people on a first name basis.  That is commendable.  However, common-sense will tell you, that with more people to converse with, if you want your name to ‘ring bells’ all you have to do is open your mouth.

#2 Crime

Rioting in Hackney, London, Britain - 08 Aug 2011

A London ‘Goon’

Many non-Londoners insinuate that scenes like the picture of this hooded individual are commonplace in the city’s streets.  I mean they are – minus the burning vehicle in the background.

In the context of this picture it was taken during the infamous London riots in the summer of 2011.

These same people feel like London is some type of GTA series where all forms of anarchy take place.  Granted the criminal element is real in these ‘skreets’ but this just adds to the dimension of living in a major city. For the civilians I converse with they will never rub shoulders with individuals such as the one pictured above. Acknowledging that life is not a ‘pink bubble’ is instilled in you from a tender age if you are a Londoner like myself.  It doesn’t have to be that deep.

#3 People are not friendly


Wait… I thought Londoners were not friendly


More like it. Sober Londoners who are not ‘friendly’

Non-Londoners do not like this element AT ALL.  I can see their point.  It is human nature to want to converse with your fellow human.  Acknowledgment, however small is something that we all seek in life.  I get my acknowledgement from the fact that I grew up in London so I have my core people’s.

Would I want to grab a smile from a businessman who peers at me over the top of his newspaper? No, thanks.

Would I want to grab a smile from a young businesswoman who peers at me as she changes song on her iPod? Yes

#4 No place to raise a family

rainforest cafe

Young London family enjoying The Rainforest Cafe

Shout out all the young families out there or whether you intend to start a family.  I live in Zone 2 London – the inner city.

Too chaotic for you?  There is always Zone 9 Chesham to raise your beautiful children.

London is a big place.  Half the stops in the Underground and Overground map I have not ventured to.  Schooling is important for your children. Parenting is even more important.  I do enjoy the fact that there is a beach in the ‘corporate area’ where I am penning this post.  Numbers wise, I have been to the beach less than 5 times in 5 years.  So like non-Londoners discuss my city I could never imagine being raised out here.

#5 House Prices


Cornwall Terrace.  A spot here is going to run you some ‘mills’ (millions)

No arguments.  House prices are ridiculous in London and they are set to continue sky-rocketing.  To get onto the property ladder is no mean feat.

I am not discouraged by this as it only serves to fuel my drive and hunger for more.  There are levels to this shit.  You can see areas that are ‘impoverished’ (first world problems) next to areas that are highly desirable.  Strive hard and back yourself and you might just be strutting around like a mogul in your flash pad.

Closing thoughts

London is my city so I will always show it the most love.  I have travelled to different regions of the UK and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there too.  London is going to keep evolving.

This evolution is irrespective of you and I being present.

I do not wish to get lost in this process.





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