What is the scale of your ambition?

Recently, Imperious Entertainment were in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, spending them pounds. Now, as London boys we hail from the biggest market in the UK and one of the leading global cities but wherever the pin on Google Maps lands our ambition is the same. As a man I can only speak for myself but I am sure Jeks will echo the following sentiment.

My thoughts and conversation are worth millions because it is unique.

Nobody talks like this!

Facts on Fame

Imperious Entertainment consists of two larger than life characters who eat, drink and breathe the culture. Who else has woven all the elements of the culture to this magnitude? Who else has brought the savage references from today’s Hip Hop to settings of fine dining by way of Michelin Star? Who else has delivered a product as glossy as ours whilst conducting our corporate duties? In a world full of pump-fakers (pretenders) and ‘hesi moves’ (hesitancy) we are life’s movers and shakers. If there was ever doubt, check out the below clip.

The content of our brand cannot be replicated and the entertainment is effortlessly authentic. Therefore, why should my ambition be the same as the next man or be seen as “linear”, by way of career progression?


Deciphering our thoughts is like finding a glitch in The Matrix


We have mentioned this in previous entries. Should I follow my passion? What is my motivation? and Am I comfortable in implementing or creating? Without getting into real specifics out of utmost respect to the corporation, our biographies are not in keeping with the typical demeanour of corporate workers. I come across a myriad of workers on my day to day. Although, I am cynical by nature I respect those who are so infatuated with the corporation and do not self-critique their decision to pursue their current training pathway.


For lovers of the corporation they remind me of “Alice in Wonderland” – elated!

However, as DeNiro said in Heat, “there’s a flip-side to that coin.” We all know those in the corporation who “shit on” their day to day duties BUT remain on a long and unremarkable course to achieve what they deem as the pinnacle of their strife and struggles. If you ask me 10 years of training like this is not commensurate to the end-goal but what would I know, right? We are all human so we have ups and downs but I mean, if you verbalise your frustrations then I was raised in the school of hard-knocks where “you have to put up or shut up.” We need to see actions of trying your hand at something else.

If you would not do it for free then you are not in the right lane!


Some think getting a lot of money is rather obscene. The common example is how much athletes get paid. “How can X be on £300,000?” This instantly tells me that you do not know how the world works. They belong to a multi-billion dollar industry involving endorsements, media rights, fanfare etc. This should be clear as day in your mind. If you are in a lane which is rewarded for “selflessness” rather than the “dollar” then thoughts of making big cash is a myth. We live in the western world. Capitalism. Value for value. Everyone of us wants to cake off, or at least I thought they did.


People who say they just need enough to get by confuse me. How much is enough?

Or have they just tapped out to their ambition like Bret Hart used to make wrestlers tap out?


Recently, one dude made a comment that I was spending my corporate money on an iPhone 6S. I looked at him with an incredulous look on my face. That is so light. The bin man probably pre-ordered that iPhone 7 earlier this year. It is comments like that, which make me think people just want 1 car, 1 house, 1 fly suit, 1 pair of fly shoes and 1 job. You only live once.

“Adventure without risk is Disneyland”


Mayweather’s car collection is obscene, right? But you would hop in if he offered you a lift!


Jeks recently penned an intriguing read entitled, Can I get that McFlurry MEDIOCRE? – Holiday blues. Turning up for 2 weeks in the sun does not balance out returning to a state of mediocrity back in your home shores. If you know there is magic in your eyes and sparkle in your shoes then the life of luxury by way of foreign travel should be easily accessible. Imperious Entertainment are widely travelled but that is not enough for us. We are grinding to make globe-trotting a frequent experience.


I can see myself walking past this scenery everyday on the way to the mall, can you?

Dubai, 2014

Final thoughts

Progression is the name of the game. The education route exposed us to a lot of people we never should have rubbed shoulders with.

We are not corporate guys in an entertainment lane. We are entertainment guys in a corporate lane

I know what the scale of ambition is. Dreams are free, however, in order to achieve your dreams, first one has to wake up.

I smelt the coffee, a long time ago. You only have one life to live so I am trying to secure the futures of my family and loved ones. If one cannot buy into our ambition then that is cool. To each is own. We are not selling you anything, as of yet, just our insight and perspective that will take us to the White House. Make no mistake about that.

Peace and Love


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