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What is the soundtrack to your relationship?

I am not a relationship guru – but I can be for a cheque. Shout out to the OG “Dear Deidre” for opening the lane up for whipper snappers like myself.  Numbers wise, you guys enjoyed “Is approaching women a thing of the past?” Allow me if you may, to surf the relationship wave again with this latest installment. Music is the bread and butter of the culture, so let us take the plunge by citing musical references for common relationship scenarios.

Recently, I enjoyed a lovely meet and greet in the city and we were honoured to be joined by an attractive young female, who hopefully will be introduced to the co-commentators of the culture in due time. Jeks and I, posed relationship scenarios and we heard some impressive answers. Now it is my opportunity to impress you once again.

#1 Open Relationship – Jay Z “Aint No N****”

Oh to be young and care-free. Jigga confidently confesses to his main squeeze that he can cater for her financially far greater than he can for his side-piece, which is an arrangement that may sound favourable for some honeys out there. Jigga starts by saying he will keep you “fresher than the next bitch.” He is playing cards with the face up so his lady is aware that there is another young female at the table. Jay has offered his honey the latest car and Versace clothes. Jay wants you to be clear that he has more black chicks between his sheet than Essence magazine, which is an incredible feat. In the song, the hook informs the listener how to deal with their emotions, if they are opposed to the mentality behind the song:

“Aint no n**** like the one I got (No one can F you better), Sleeps around but he gives me a lot
(Keep you in diamonds and leathers)
Friends will tell I should leave you alone Hah Hah, Hah Hah, Hah Hah, Hah Hah
(Tell the freaks to find a man of their own, Man of their own, man of their own)

#2 Conventional – “Vado – My Bae”

“Bae” = Before anybody else. This new age term is used to describe your significant other. Truth be told, I think it is the type of word that was invented by a 14 year old but that is neither here nor there. Vado wants to share his ambitions with his lady, which is the way it is meant to go down. This is a sweet song, which does make my cavity hurt but Jeremih’s hook is on point as is often the case. Vado and his lover are shining bright in tandem, which is referenced in the first verse. “If you watching arms in the party, you can’t miss us, Watches galore, Ladies watch us for sure.”

For all those with a significant other, rock out to the chorus one time:

“Swing my way, Let me take you somewhere that I’m heading baby you can play
Treat you like my hustle you know I be on that all day
(Uh-huh, I’m on the block servin’ yay to make us straight you my) bae
(You my) bae, (You my) bae”

#3 Single – “YG – Left, Right”

More of that savage life. Friend of the label Jualito, told Jeks and I that he has no qualms if his love interest is “stepping out the relationship” as to quote Jeks “he is blowing shorties socks off.” The single life implies there are no ties or obligations to your partner, which I am sure we have all operated within at one time period or other. Sex is the order of the day in today’s music with most songs explicitly influencing the sexual proclivities of the impressionable youth. Here, YG of Compton or Bompton is only interested in a young woman shaking what her “Momma gave her” and I mean that respectfully.

Can you shake that ass from left to right? Do you twerk like Amber Rose? Or is it more like Miley Cirus?

For those who are single, enjoy the hook to this club banger. On the side note, I have seen many young females in the crowd go buck wild when this song comes on in the rave. I thank you.

“Girl you know you look fine as hell. right?
You know I buy you that Chanel, right?
You know, I F you like I’m fresh outta jail, right?
And if you cheated on me I won’t care, right?”

#4 Ride or Die – “The L.O.X – Ryde or Die Chick”

I love the pina colada beat with this one. Each member of The L.O.X. lay a hot verse detailing the attributes for a ride or die chick. Essentially, they want a renaissance woman – somebody that can hold them down, whilst they are entangled in the street life. This type of woman is heavily promoted in the Hip Hop genre. Kiss raps that “And she blackout when she in the mall, Got the brand new spring Prada shit in the fall” meaning this young woman can engage in physical altercations and look elegant in designer wear. This is a dichotomy, and our brand is essentially founded on this, although we do not engage in any type of unlawful acts.

Again, if you have a ride or die partner then enjoy the hook:

I need a ryde or die bitch (Smoke dro, drink liquor, like to F til I c**)
I need a ryde or die bitch (I rock a icy ass chain with a earring in my tongue)

#5 Marriage – “Jagged Edge – Let’s get married (Remix)”

I am not going to lie the original was too mellow for me to construct a paragraph on. So, I opted for the remix as I can bubble to it. Marriage, is the end goal for me but it is a concept that is more fanciful than realistic – only owing to the fact that I am making the transition from student to worker. I am sure that within a few years I will be blessing a young woman with my government name.

Anyways, back to the bars, Jagged Edge featured the legend, Rev Run for this smash. They are trading in their player cards – for the ultimate card, which is a wife. The brother said “I done it all, But frankly I’m tired of this emptiness.” He has run through his fair share of women and has no sense of fulfillment currently so marriage is the logical solution.

Does this mean marriage is a necessity rather than a concept that you are willing to chase?

Regardless, enjoy the hook to this track:

“Meet me at the altar in your white dress
We ain’t getting no younger we might as well do it
Been feeling you all the while girl I must confess
Girl, let’s just get married I just wanna get married”
Closing thoughts

Whatever the current state of your relationship, I hope you are enjoying the benefits of it to the maximum. We all grow and evolve but I think what is undeniable – love rules.

One day, you will catch your boy Rams with a young world class honey tying the knot.

Until then, you can catch me on everything Imperious Ent. Like my big homie Jeks says – please like, comment and subscribe.

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