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What kind of boss do you have?

The culture is fascinated with the idea of being a BOSS! Being from London the concept of being a boss is promoted and sought after more than anywhere else in the UK. The financial district contains too many Chiefs, not enough Indians. Jewell #1. Take a look at the run-down of the different qualities that a boss possesses.

chiefs not enough indians

Famous Idiom: Too many people assuming control and not enough people doing actualwork


The FIVE types of shot caller

1. One of the lads


Andre Villas Boas (AVB) who was the Spurs boss at the time, pictured with his players

Man was practically their age

Achieving a “status” can go to people’s heads so some people may view ‘being one of the lads’ as an endearing quality. Sure, all men and women were created equal but there is no need to get on my 2Pac ‘ish and give you any revolutionary mental images behind this statement. By being a boss, there is a distinction between you and the rest of your staff.  In effect you are at the top of the food chain.

Money runs upstream and shit runs down

Would I feel patronised if my boss was ‘one of the lads?’ Maybe. I may be naturally more cynical than the baseline population but I have my reasons to be reticent. I would respect my boss LESS as he/she is portraying to me there is no difference between us. Now, I can never see myself calling another man “My Daddy” nor will I brown nose him/her but I grew up in a traditional ethnic household where you never call your Mother and Father on a first name basis.

2. The egomaniac

Mr McMahon, the Chairman of the WWE gives no F’s. The swaggering nonchalant walk is fantastic entertainment. Aside from the word entertainment, there are real life Mr McMahon’s out there. (Holla if you want to hire Jeks and Rams). The egomaniac wastes no opportunity in letting the world know how great he is. Let us keep it “one hunnid” as the colloquial term goes; if the egomaniac is successful, does it matter?

Personally, I do not think it matters. I am an egomaniac if I can modestly say so. This oxymoron might perplex the reader but I think it is clear if you have encountered me in your life, I am not your average Joe Bloggs.

Have I been successful? In my opinion NOT YET.

Imperious Ent is the brand that will push both Jeks and Rams through the door. (No illuminati reference).

3. The one of few words

Paulie from the classic movie Goodfellas was a boss of an organised crime family. He was a man of few words but he had real clout. Whereas, the egomaniac is ultra expressive, the one of few words prefers to talk through actions.

“If looks could kill”

Now it does not have to be taken in a negative connotation. I have used a crime boss to serve only as an example. You can use your own example


Do you agree? Source:

4. The one who inspires

berry gordy smokey

Berry Gordy, founder of Motown and his artist and lifelong friend Smokey Robinson

Make no mistake, Berry Gordy is the brains behind the most talented roster of musicians who have ever lived – in my opinion.

Do you want to put others on?

Berry Gordy is a visionary and he pioneered an incredible sound, which gave the world some amazing acts. Excuse me for omitting some legends. For those who do not know, these artists include: Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, The Miracles …

Imperious Ent wish to inspire others as we draw inspiration from people around us. Life is a collaborative process so we can all learn from each other.

5. The one you question


Scott from The Apprentice 2015 – What was man smoking in this task? Respectfully

Scott from The Apprentice 2015 embarassed himself in the infamous real estate task. Man was coming out with all types of nonsensical selling points. Windows that allow sunlight in during both the day and night! Being close-by to a local chip shop! Scott, along with all other contestants market themselves as Bosses even if they work for a company. We all know some shot callers need to be called out on their decisions. Or am I wrong?

Any problems with the washing machine I should know about? No, the washing machine would be in which room … The kitchen mate, the kitchen!

Being questioned on your moves must suck. Without instigating myself and scuppering my corporate sponsors I have questioned my own bosses (in my head). They do a marvellous job in their corporate roles but I have often questioned (in my head) what motivated them to go through the hoops they have jumped through.

I do not wish to say anything disparaging so let us wrap it up.

Closing Thoughts

There is no shame in having a boss. Let us dismiss that idea. Contrary to popular belief in the culture, having a boss is not an omission of calling another man your Daddy. Some people were not cut out to lead. Some people operate better being led. I can apply to both cases myself.

With regards to Imperious Ent, alongside fellow boss and inspirational right hand, Jeks, I am a BOSS.

With regards to the corporation I am very much led. A WORKER.

Love to all,





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