Wizkid feat Drake Come Closer REVIEW

Lagos boy Wizkid is back with Drizzy Drake in this new melodic smash entitled Come Closer. As I have touched upon in an earlier review, there is a new hybrid sound in music. The African and Caribbean sounds have been fused. Wizkid is a prominent Afro-beats tempo specialist who has collaborated with Drake before on One Dance. In Come Closer the two are re-united to herald in this new sound well in time for Summer 17.

The single Come Closer was officially released March 31st 2017 and is on the upcoming Wizkid LP. Sounds From the Other Side is the name of this project. Will it be something to dance to? You god-damn right! Another date in the time-line of Come Closer was April 6th when the official video landed. Lets get into it.

Starboy Wizkid stuntin!


Sarz is a well respected Afrobeats Producer. Man like Sarz has laced a lot of hits for Wizkid in the past and with Come Closer he wants the world stage.  The future is looking promising for this lad. Music does not have to be too complicated. Just feed the fans! Fans world-wide are surfing the melodic waves in Come Closer – as they should.


So far, in terms of numbers, there are 2.5 million views for the video since its release 4 days ago. The numbers will undoubtedly pick up. Notably, Drizzy is not actually in the motherfucker! Is this a par? Or is it a case of touring dates not marrying up?

Come Closer has a lot of “twerk potential” Yuh Yuh


“Starboy, call me number one
When me tune drop, the girls, they bounce along
Me no let nothing come between me and me paper
So when me come inna di place, me undertaker”

Lines have been blurred in music. Going off language, you would be excused in thinking it’s authentic Patois but it’s delivered with an African twang, respectfully. Regardless, the lyrics are self-explanatory as it’s all about the turn-up!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Baby, come closer

The chorus is simple but highly effective. Wizkid wants his love interest to stop playing and come closer so he can presumably get at that ass. I respect that sentiment.

Too mix up in drama to go outside
Too mix up in drama to free my mind
Jealous people around me, I need to change my life
I just turn colder every time I try
What would I do without you, my chargie?
I don’t feel that way with anybody
Tell me your secrets, I’m not messy
Steady it for me, girl, hold steady

We all know what Drake sells! He is universal on the roads and is reaching out to all cultures. In Come Closer we have Carribbean Drizzy and the Patois is back. Chargie is Patois for bro. Now, I do not know what drama Drizzy is messed up in but it is making man turn colder

Maybe Road-man Drizzy is singing love ballads just to feed his family!



Come Closer is a shellers. It makes a young brother want to don an open buttoned short sleeve shirt and grab a chick with a fat ass, respectfully!

Summer 17 is approaching so Come Closer is more towards the sound in which I want to take it.

Respect to my chargie!


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