WSTRN ft Alkaline Txtin’ REVIEW

UK music has the spotlight with this review of Wstrn’s Txtin. The song Txtin features Caribbean Dancehall artist Alkaline so off gates you know chicks can swivel torso to this. Wstrn are a West London Rap/RnB trio who are most famous for their commercial smash In2. That song got mad radio-play and even prompted US RnB singer Kehlani to jump on the remix. In Txtin Wstrn are trying to continue their run of infectiously catchy songs.

Wstrn – Louis Rei, Akelle Charles and Haile

Txtin Audio

YouTube Txtin

Textual Gangsters

Whatever your textual proclivities, everybody goes straight for the gun i.e. go straight for their phone. There is no denying the power meter when your Txtin sexual grease to your mate. I have already touched on this subject in the post Sexting – Kicking game by way of SMS

Afrobeats-Dancehall Hybrid…

Countless times, I have touched on this hybrid genre, which the nigga Drake is exploiting HEAVY. There are elements of Caribbean Dancehall and African Afrobeats. At times Txtin sounds like it has elements of Ayo Jay’s smash Your Number. I may be clutching at straws with this comparison so pardon Detective Rams on the check in. What is clear is that hybrid song is blurring lines.

Na na na



That thick Caribbean accent is on show, which makes me think I’m walking through Brixton market on a summer’s day shopping for ackee and sailfish. I can almost smell the jerk sauce on the chicken with Txtin.

Leave me on phone light, every time we go live on stage, that’s the way we live
But no txtin’, matter of fact, no phones allowed from ya comin’ nah mi crib
Me a cut to the chase, I gon’ straight to di biz
Kiss yuh pon ya neck,when me a gi yuh some hickies
We can have a party baby, we can have a party
Make you blow out di candles then you make your wishes
Know you have your man but guess what, something have to give
We can work it both as best as possible, ya dig?
We can have a party, anything you want fi call it though we’re not cheating use, another adjective

Now, I may need to consult Google translator (or DJ Akademiks) but I will attempt to decipher the Patois (Caribbean dialect/language). Alkaline comes through with alpha male prowess with his instructions to this female. No phones are allowed in his yard (house) as he just wants to get straight to the action. As with everything it would not be noteworthy if it was not another nigga’s bitch so something has to give.



I think Txtin is decent but not a strong look from Wstrn.

It doesn’t have that SMASH vibe that is instant but I stand to be corrected. Perhaps it may turn out to be one but regardless of commercial success it’s cool for what it is – but it’s not all that.

Rams Charles


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