How the WWE Attitude Era moulded the mind – an indoctrination or inspiration?

The WWE Attitude Era. Resurgence. Successful.  Popular.  Unforgettable.  Words such as the above are aptly deployed to summarise the five year period between the years 1997 to 2002, which shifted the landscape of professional wrestling. The latter years of the ‘90s and early ‘00s (noughties) are synonymous with the timeframe widely revered as the golden age of wrestling.

The WWE Attitude Era

This is a qucik guide on the how the three key ingredients of the WWE Attitude Era tie into the notion of being a more distinguished member of society in the most affluent area of the world – the western hemisphere.


WWE Attitude Era – Competition in life yields success

The backdrop was Ted Turner’s considerable money and his television corporation TNT, which he ran establishing WCW as a significant competitor, indeed front-runner for a period in the ‘Monday Night Wars.’

Characters of the WWE Attitude Era
The WWE Attitude Era Roster

The talent roster in the WWE Attitude Era was undeniable – whether you had an avid interest or partial.  The competition from the WCW certainly helped nurture the explosion of this talent.

Assessment drives success.  Competition is a confounding variable to the aforementioned two.  In NO WAY shape or form does this mean one has to be ruthless, underhanded and stoop to new low’s however one MUST push themselves to be the best person you can be in any given interest or field.  Here at Imperious Ent, we could have easily rested on our laurel’s and indulged in the world of media from our childhood but competition with those who were born with a ‘silver spoon’ like the Shane O Mac’s of the world helped us achieve a standing in our own corporate worlds. That is a major thing we took from the WWE Attitude Era.

WWE Attitude Era
Shane McMahon with “The Mean Street Posse” – a group of silver spoon, privileged assholes from Conneticut

WWE Attitude Era – Do Good Guys finish last?


The two biggest stars in the WWE Attitude Era were supposedly meant to be “face” which is the wrestling term used to describe a fan favourite yet there were more than smidgens of parallel to the other insider term coined “heel” to describe villains.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was a beer swelling, foul mouthed red neck from Victoria, Texas. He sold out arenas, millions of copies of WWE DVD’s, fronted WWE games such as ‘WWF Warzone’ (my first wrestling game on Playstation) and had a brief stint as CEO of the company (ALLEGEDLY).

WWE Attitude Era
Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Rock was a young, arrogant, materialistic egomaniac who was a third generation superstar.  He was like the Ali of the brand in the sense that he talked ‘RECKLISS’ but could deliver. These are the characters that were having ‘relations’ with the WWE divas and indeed played a factor in the cocky style of approaching women. These kind of influences created THIS.

The Rock went on to have a Legendary career and you can relive some of his best moments through this piece from the WWE.

WWE Attitude Era
The Rock

WWE Attitude Era – Can you outgrow your stable or does this constitute as ‘selling-out’?

Yes – you can outgrow people.

People only tend to label someone as a “sell-out” if they have not cashed in themselves.

In the WWE Attitude Era, D-Generation X had Triple H (especially amongst the hiatus of the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.  The Nation of Domination had The Rock.  These two shot to stardom as was destined to them due to their charisma, in-ring ability and reach to the market place.

A highly controversial question but in order to achieve one has to step up when the opportunity presents itself or settle for being ‘mid-card’ for life.

Not to throw shade but can you remember this guy?

WWE Attitude Era
Ahmed Johnson

Great reach if you did (you are as dedicated to wrestling as us).  My point is unfortunately nobody will mention this great servant of professional wrestling in the same breath as a Rock.  He had all the attributes, perhaps he was not pushed.  We will never know.

WWE Attitude Era – Take Home

Imperious Entertainment pushes just that, entertainment and our concepts stem from childhood.  The WWE Attitude Era sparked the change of thought in my mind in order for me to deliver the marriage between the HIGHBROW and STREET ELEMENT.  Success is just as universal as failure so pick one.


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