WWE Greater Power; Success vs Failure?

WWE Greater Power -

Power driven. Back in the 90’s professional wrestling was experiencing the “golden period.”  Rival companies WWE and WCW were going toe-to-toe in the Monday Night Wars for television ratings. WWE had Monday Night Raw and WCW had Monday Night Nitro. Madness was being pushed in terms of story-lines and the content was CHARGED. Perhaps, the most memorable story-line was the WWE Greater Power.  Shit had been manifesting for several months in 1999. Suburban soccer moms in America were writing passive aggressive writing letters of discontent HEAVY. Risque content was influencing your impressionable children. Divas were going all out and story-lines were outrageous.

 Sable and WWE were HANDS on with their divas angle!

 Background – WWE Greater Power

Sadistic WWE Greater Power was created in 1999 and it had it all. Stephanie McMahon, daughter of owner Vince McMahon, was the pawn in the whole betrayal in order to lure Stone Cold Steve Austin in. Austin and Vince had legendary beef. Vince wanted to make Austin’s life here on earth, a complete and utter living hell. Vince appeared to be frozen out of his usual role as the number one asshole. His maniacal son Shane McMahon aligned with The Undertaker and ran the Ministry. Shane united the corporation and ministry and the shenanigans tripled.

WWE Greater Power saw Stephanie McMahon abducted by the members of the Ministry! The Ministry burnt a symbolic Undertaker logo at the scene of Vince’s home in Conneticut! The Ministry burnt a teddy bear that belonged to Stephanie! All these actions brought the owner of the company, Vince, to his knees!!

In the clip the Undertaker and Stephanie’s dark wedding

Revealed – WWE Greater Power

The front-runners for WWE Greater Power were “Jake The Snake” Roberts and Shane McMahon amongst other darker figures in the business. Nobody saw the actual WWE Greater Power being the owner himself.

Deceit and betrayal. WWE The Greater Power revealed Part 1

Vince got a round of applause from the fans in the arena. We appreciated the depths of betrayal all in the name of entertainment.

Vince: It’s me Austin, it’s me Austin, it was me all along Austin!

JR: Aw, son of a bitch!

Vince: You all fell for it, hook line and sinker! Even my immediately family bought it!

In the clip the WWE Greater Power Revealed Part 2.

The owner was undone in the end by his wife Linda McMahon who had an ace up her sleeve.

Bombshell moment when Stone Cold Steve Austin was revealed as the new CEO. The evil and demonic plan had seemingly back-fired in the face of the McMahon men. Golden entertainment

WWE Greater Power Conclusion

Some critics and wrestling insiders said the WWE Greater Power segment was a poor choice of story-line and it did not make sense. In fact, The Undertaker was reported to not be happy at the creative direction of Vince being involved with the Ministry. The Undertaker was the “Lord of Darkness” and he seemed to be subservient to the owner who was the WWE Greater Power.

However, it was a memorable story-line that has lasted the test of time in my opinion. Rams got “turnt out” by wrestling in the 90s and early 2000’s and it shaped my outlook in life tremendously. I loved the emotionally charged plots and as an impressionable 10/11 year old, fixated by the maniacal angles. An attraction to power, which has remained in me throughout my life.

Could psychos like “Jake The Snake” Roberts be the WWE Greater Power? Could Vince Russo who was the head of the story-lines be the WWE Greater Power? My God it was Vince and in my opinion rightfully so as he was trying to solidify his own legacy and part of wrestling history and I am not mad at that. Megalomaniac Rams (according to some opinions) is trying to solidify his own legacy too.



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