“You deceived me!” – The trend of the week

Over and out. This could have summarised the post I am about to pen but I wanted to buck the current trend of the week and flesh out the points. Most notably, I am alluding to Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar and Kanye West’s latest rant at his concert. A couple of key talking points that reminded me of the now defunct video app, Vine. This shit might as well have lasted 6 seconds. Speaking of lasting seconds, Jay Z, who gets a tremendous nod of recognition for his contribution to music, once referred to 8 seconds. In the famed early hit “Aint No N—-” he rapped…

They say sex is a weapon so when I shoot

Meet your death in less than 8 seconds

In his defence, he is not trying to help a young woman work up a sweat in the bedroom. The money is probably more of a turn on. Hell, if I was worth a reported $500 Million too, what does it matter? But let’s get back to the bars.

Kanye West – Latest Concert Rant – Deceived in 10 minutes!

Kanye West, the self-proclaimed ‘greatest to do music’ had to re-schedule an earlier concert date from November 3rd when he lost his voice inexplicably at a show. Kanye was fully charged and had a lot to get off his chest by way of emotions. Personally, I believe it is all part of the show-man-ship of Kanye West the artist. People have come to their own conclusions and said Ye must be ALLEGEDLY high off drugs, most notably Snoop Doggy Dogg. A guy who has based his whole career off being a drug user. Yes cannabis is one.

Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour stopped at Sacramento, CA on Sunday night. Kanye had a lot to say about everybody. Beyonce, Jay Z, DJ Khaled and Marc Zuckeberg amongst others. Kanye performed two songs, ranted for over 10 minutes and then walked out. 22,000 fans had spent dough to see him and he “spud and dun’d” (ended) it extremely prematurely. A melagomaniac like Ye has never conformed to normal social constructs so am I surprised? No. Am I offended? No. I did not part with my own hard earned money but I reckon even if I did I would have just laughed and acknowledged I was involved in the topic of the week.

Yeah, I’m on my Trump shit tonight .. Radio Fuck You!

I love Drake. I love Khaled. But they set their song up bruh.. MTV Fuck You!

Beyonce, I was hurt. I got a call from MTV. “Mr West, Beyonce is winning video of the year over Drake’s Hotline Bling and Famous.

Below is the full clip…

Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar – deceived in 3 minutes!

Goldberg was called out of retirement by the ever maniacal Paul Heyman, a wrestling promoter/manager who represents his client “BROCK LESNAR.” Goldberg, incidentally had not stepped inside a ring in 12 years. Heyman had called out Goldberg as the loss at Wrestlemania 20 was an itch that Brock just could not remove by scratching alone. It did not matter that the self titled “Beast” had destroyed all before his path, ended The Undertaker’s unbeaten streak at Wrestlemania and successfully returned to UFC. What ensued over the past few weeks on WWE’s premier weekly show, Monday Night Raw, was Heyman and Lesnar playing provocative mind games with Goldberg. I remember back when I was younger, I used to get so gassed to stay up and watch World Championship Wrestling. Goldberg’s entrance used to be longer than the matches at times. Who does not remember the cameras backstage panning to the knocks on the door, the heavy security ushered entrance and the pyrotechnics when Goldberg emerged? Fucking electric.

New Zealand’s rugby team have the Haka. Wrestling has Goldberg’s own pre match ritual.

My favourite entrance.. Goldberg vs Diamond Dallas Page .. who was also that guy!!

The last Monday Night Raw, the WWE fully pump-faked. Paul Heyman delivered provocative rhetoric that Brock Lesnar would beat Goldberg to an unrecognisable pulp so much so that Goldberg’s son would call Brock Lesnar “Daddy” I loved that line! We should have all known the shape of things to come at last night’s Survivor Series PPV. On Raw, Brock backed down from a ‘slobber-knocker’ with Goldberg citing “On his time.” Speaking of time guess how long it took Goldberg to beat Brock?

In case, you went to the restroom in the area or at home, there is a strong possibility that you missed the match. This was the main event. The show stopper. Less than 3 minutes fella.


This deceived fan’s shocked face has become a viral sensation with many memes generated ..

He must have had this same dumb-founded look on his face last night! Poor guy

Final thoughts…

What about King of London?

It’s all entertainment.

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“I want the world Chico, and everything in it”

Rams, the artist!

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