Young Adz & Not3s – Trophy REVIEW; UK wave

Young Adz is a rapper from Lewisham in South-East London who is signed to D-Block Europe. This is the label imprint spearheaded by the iconic New York rapper, Jadakiss. Adz got signed off his consistently hard flow depicting the struggles of the inner-city. He has linked up with East London wavy rapper, Not3s in new tune Trophy. We have covered Not3s before on our platform Aladdin REVIEW

From the sounds of it Young Adz is currently trying to develop this melodic wave, which is inspired by the current US sound. Before, I have gone on record in saying nobody cares about how many grams you’ve slung or how many dons you’ve pitched – unless it’s packaged correctly. Attempts were made to do this in Large Amounts

Trophy Official Video

The guys are serenading a trophy bitch in a thoroughly hood manner in Trophy. In terms of visuals there is a stark contrast between the dusty blocks in Young Adz South London estate and the clean Rolls Royce. It definitely does look out of place as the sole luxury car in an otherwise down trodden setting. I mean, if there were a fleet of luxury cars in Trophy then I can see that as more of an impact. Let’s move on as I do not want any threats from these goons by way of Snapchat!

Trophy sees Adz saluting his Queen who is a bad bitch, as far as the portrayal of his on-screen girlfriend in the video. In terms of ethnicity she is either miscellaneous white (off-white) or has an epic spray tan like Drake mentioned in Blem on More Life


She say she love the sauce, when we pull up a Porsche
Girl you ain’t seem this before, for for for
I’mma spend money of course, look in my kitchen its raw
She crying and begging for more, more more more
And don’t tell lies, cos I know you won’t
Claim you’ll take my trophy but I know you won’t
Fliest chick around, she’s not a usual
Straight answer when she phoning off my Vodafone

Young Adz and Not3s are getting paid and as a result are acquiring a different type of female. In the case of Young Adz perhaps like his boss famously once said:

It’s all simple mathematics,

I eat HALF off rap and HALF off addicts



Trophy is a good tune. It had a little bubble to it so Young Adz is continuing where he left off with Large Amounts. I’ll be interested to see where Adz will take it with his street bars.

Salute to all the mandem

Rams Europe!




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